Monday 2 July 2012

'Pakatan website' MALAYSIAKINI

Well, thats what DAP politician Tony Pua revealed via his Twitter posting late on Friday night. 

Tony Pua could have just been stating the obvious about Malaysiakini being a 'Pakatan website' but lately this particular politicians have had his reputation shredded  for not telling the truth. 

The DAP MP was recently slapped with a RM200,000 fine for telling lies about Syabas in Selangor. 

So, did Tony Pua tell another BIG lie ... this time about the 'independent' Malaysiakini? 

I'm sure 'independent' Malaysiakini's 'independent editors' Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran would be fuming mad and couldn't possibly wait to deny Tony Pua's assertion/admission/declaration that Malaysiakini is a Pakatan mouthpiece.

... or was Tony Pua finally telling the truth?  You wanna tell your readers the truth Steven/Premesh, even if it happens to be embarrassment? 

“Truth is like the town whore. Everybody knows her, but nonetheless, it's embarrassing to meet her on the street”. - WOLFGANG BORCHERT, The Outsider

p/s If Tony Pua is not a compulsive liar from now on we could officially address Malaysiakini as an Opposition mouthpiece or a Pakatan running dog, whichever sounds better.

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Dave Avran said...

Salam, Apanama

He unwittingly pua-red out the truth.

Anonymous said...

Not only was that Tony an established liar, in my book as a voter that toni is also a a man without much principle who cannot even keep a nation's secret as a secret! He has no credibility as a leader or even as wakil rakyat, maybe as a hatchet man or at most a tiger general.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Running Dog! Sounds better!

Anonymous said...

iI go for Running Dog too. Thats the fact of the matter.

Anonymous said...

His IQ level is just slightly above tian chua the photoshop expert

Anonymous said...

If the site is Pakatan running dog, then you are a government dog? Haha... (comment moderation enabled, what a good blog with freedom of speech, see ya!)

Anonymous said...

stoopid anon. last time i dropped comments at one of the opposition blog - dato sakmongkol. comment moderation was also applied by him. and guess what? my comments were not published by him not even one single alphabet.