Sunday 22 July 2012

1M4U - Its for YOU!

The Malaysian Government recognises that Malaysian youth can and should play a role in helping to transform Malaysia to be a better place to live, work and play. 

In order to capture the imagination of our youth, to feed their dreams and to inspire them to believe that they can make a difference in their country, region and world, 1Malaysia For Youth (1M4U) strives to provide a common platform for youth to carry out volunteer activities that are aimed at delivering benefits to targeted communities and social groups. 

1M4U will reach out to individuals (collective or singular), non-governmental organisations and the corporate sector by coordinating efforts in encouraging youth volunteerism. 

In line with the global emergence of social enterprises, 1M4U is established as a company limited by guarantee under the Companies Act 1965 which has a professional management team lead by a Chief Executive Officer. 

Management members who are experienced, possess relevant expertise and most important of all, have the heart and passion for volunteer activities will ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of 1M4U.

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