Tuesday 2 October 2012

Silent majority backs Government in Malaysian varsities

Saturday September 29, 2012

Pro-Aspirasi wins UM campus polls

PETALING JAYA: Fresh elections for two seats at Universiti Malaya's (UM) campus polls saw the Pro-Aspirasi group emerging as the overall winner with a total of 22 seats.

The pro-establishment Pro-Aspirasi and pro-Opposition Pro-Mahasiswa took a seat each in the two-seat re-election yesterday.

The UM campus election was held on Tuesday but fresh elections were called for two of the 43 seats which recorded a draw.

In the final tally, the victorious group was led by Pro-Aspirasi while the Pro-Mahasiswa group took the remaining 21 seats.

The Pro-Aspirasi group is the winner in this annual campus elections, winning most of the seats in 18 of the 20 public institutions of higher learning.

The pro-establishment group has so far won 91% or 565 of the 620 seats contested in all 20 campuses, some of which held their polls on Sept 20 while others conducted theirs on Sept 25. - TheStar

The pro-establishment Pro-Aspirasi and pro-Opposition Pro-Mahasiswa battle has come to an end now and everybody seems to be analysing and re-analysing the unexpected outcome. As usual some among the losers and/or their political mentors have been crying foul. Crying foul was not unexpected though, especially from those who are trained to do just that.

The outcome certainly caught many by surprise. The rise of the silent majority in our public institutions of higher learning is indeed a pleasant surprise but where do we go from here? 

Firstly we must understand what is it that the silent majority rose against and what is it they want and support? 

Yes, the silent majority appear to be pro-establishment and support the policies laid out by the Government of the day. They may reject the blatant interference of politicians in their daily campus life. They reject unruly demonstrations and anti-Government activities, but what now? Are they now growling to get into mainstream politics?

The silent majority exercised their rights and have basically re-inforced the unwritten policy and understanding that their primary is to pursue knowledge. They have made it very clear that there are priorities in a student's life, although the amendments to AUKU allows greater freedom.
For that, hats off to our students. We should allow our them to focus in their studies before anything else for that is why they are where they are. 

p/s It's time the silent majority of Malaysians picked up a thing or two from our matured students. 

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vinnan said...

But we do not need a majority of the Malay votes to kill UMNO.

Anonymous said...

The majority of the malay votes is long gone bro, what we actually needs is the from the lallangs who is waylaid by the like of waythamorthy and his gangs who created havoc. Now he comes begging to the country he once condemmed. For once please cakap serupa bikin bolih ka? Kalau tak suka dah benci kenapa mau balik? Its not for the patriotism, thats for sure , I guess its his sentimental reason as in for the Tom Jones song" Green Green Grass of Home?" Lu sudah condemn , maki hamun, mau claim sama lu punya master kat rajah british , sekarang mau balik ? Its totally confusing and does not compute.Sheeesh, another one one bites the dusts , id' say mate!

mitchell said...

Well done to the students...it is at utmost importance that the power be returned to the rakyat. and the legal and civic way is to vote. If only national elections can be as clean as the uni polls...then truly the power returns!!

Anonymous said...

Vvinnan, or simply say we do not need malay to kill malay?

Anonymous said...

But have these students registered to vote for GE13?