Saturday 27 October 2012

Why Malaysia needs AES

Well I guess it says it all, from the (putar belit) attitude of Malaysians on the road to the no so well trained traffic cop. 

The much talked about AES system will not only solve such problems but would give such drivers a better opportunity to try their tricks before a magistrate or a even judge. 

Hopefully our judges won't hang such drivers like in the case of the two Indonesian brothers who killed a burglar in their home.

I'm sure the driver must be proud of himself for outwitting the traffic cop (otherwise he wouldn't have put it on youtube) ... and yaaa he made it a point to record his encounter with the traffic cop despite breaking the law beating the RED light. 

Wonder what would have happened if the cop had issued him a summon.   Polis zalim ker?

p/s Mengupas Kebenaran AES is a good read.

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Anonymous said...

Kenderaan Singapore/Thailand yg bawa laju akan kena bayar saman sebelum keluar Malaysia ke ?

Anonymous said...

Polis pun malas nak layan manusia tak sedar diri. Lantak ko lah setan....

Anonymous said...


Clearly, the video is a FAKE.

Just like one of those substandard scenes from TV-dramas.

The main actor is not only a very bad actor but also your common-garden-variety smart-ass wannabe...

... yeah, riiight... a "physics" lecture along a deserted back-lane!

Believable... only if you are into bad Tamil movies!


acot said...

Time shown in the video.

Start : 0904
Finished : 0954

Thats the overall time taken in the video but the youtube video showed only less than 3 mins. Clearly its fake. Plus it was uploaded by CODE 10 Malaysia. Cheers mate

mitchell said...

I for one believe AES is what we need, my argument is where they have installed AES. So far Ive encountered 2 AES and both are at max 90kph zones. Why? Both are not accident prone areas and the max speed for the rest of the highway is why installed it in this areas!!! Is it becoz at RM16 per saman, it would be easier for the company to make fast and easy money...Anyone with answers!