Friday 9 November 2012

Obama's Deepavali Greetings

This American president seems to be doing things differently from his predecessors, except for Guantanamo Bay, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and ... 

Frankly, I hope Obama would drive some sense into those who formulate the US' foreign policy. 

The new approach should be based on mutual respect and not the shock n awe gunboat diplomacy the Americans are so used to. 

STOP interfering in the internal affairs and/or politics of other nations because its none of your business. STOP your regime change doctrine and STOP playing God. I'm sure Sandy reminded you who GOD is.

Mr President, if you don't pull your nation out of this quicksand gunboat diplomacy, the Chinese will eventually bury you guys deeper than your wildest dreams. 

May you, President Obama, be blessed and be shown the light... Happy Deepavali.

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Anonymous said...

Too late.Obama not visiting Malaysia.But visiting Burma,Thailand and Combodia.

Mana Najib mahu simpan dia punya muka.Suroh dia naikmitu tangga Batu Cave.

Anonymous said...

Najib is a man with no personal mandate! Obama however, just got his second mandate that validate him for four more years. So, Najib don't be too quick to congratulate him coz u r not on the level with Obama. Be a real man and seek ur own mandate from the people.....

pakteh adam said...

Bro. Another dungus (anon8:00 pm) that still think that by having white (?)friend will make you somebody !! typical melayu

Anonymous said...

Cakap je tak suka Amerika.

Bila diberi peluang melawat, bukan main gah cerita seluruh kampung.

Hipokrit kan, bagitu?