Monday 5 November 2012

Who is the Napoleon in TANDA PUTERA ?

Lembaga Penapisan Filem (Censorship Board) which comes under the Home Ministry has approved Tanda Putera for screening many moons ago. Initially the movie was supposed to be screened in September but it was later postponed to Nov 15.

As the poster below shows, it was all set to be shown in our cinemas from Nov 15 but some napoleons within the system have one again sabotaged the movie for reasons best known to them..or him.

I was made to understand that even the Prime Minister and some of his cabinet members have watched a preview of Tanda Putera and ... many left the room in tears.

So, what is the big problem with Tanda Putera that someone powerful, more powerful than the Prime Minister and the Home Minister it seems, is holding up the movie.

Just tell us, what is the f...... problem with the movie. Can we please stop this flip-flop thing from the recent past? 

WHO is the little 'short' Napoleon?


Movie Buff said...

This is really disgraceful! Its just a movie for God's sake. While all this postponing is going on, don't they spare a thought to the movie producer apart from Finas?? As long as the film is not screened, losses must be piling up as there is no income. Why cant they emulate the financial backers in Hollywood. Films like Top Gun, Air Force One, Independence Day to name a few subtly glorify the US Air Force/ Presidency but the financiers do not appear anywhere. So people dont realise the propa. But over here, its just the opposite!

mitchell said...

No income lost, movie totally paid for by Gomen!!!!

Nagaman said...

This is sad when people dont even know the differenc between gomen and financiers putting in money and the producers putting in money. Where got movie or creative work gomen will subsidise 100% lor. Of course we are never short of mean dogs in manger who would prefer to think nasty that producers dont lose money when movies are delayed. Its their livelihood, especially here in malaysia, every window for screening counts because for sure artistes and many others would have a share in it.