Sunday 9 March 2014

#Pray for MH370

The missing Malaysia Airlines  jet MH370

The missing Malaysia Airlines jet MH370

Not speculating but Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has spoken to the Chinese premier and conveyed his condolences.

"Najib spoke to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and sent his condolences as 153 passengers were Chinese nationals. The Premier says China will help in rescue operations." - #PrayForMH370: 20km-long oil slick found, suspected from MH370

UPDATE [9:41pm]: Vietnam Television Station, Tuoi Tre News, VNExpress – 3 big news agencies said that:
• 4:30 PM, an AN26 aircraft detected a sign similar to oil streaks 20km in the sea. This oil streak is managed by VN.
• Then, AN26 aircraft spotted a smoke from the sea but not clearly defined. 5:20 PM, AN26 aircraft found that smoke is another oil streak, near Tho Chu islands of VN.
• VN Navy ships are trying to approach 2 oil streaks.
• Maybe at midnight, VN Navy ships can approach the oil streaks. Full story here (Vietnamese).

 We could just hope and pray!


Watch the moment flight MH370 'disappeared' over South China Sea carrying 239 people

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