Thursday 20 March 2014

Why Diego Garcia ? #MH370

Is this the reason why some parties are adamantly pointing us towards the other direction?

(CNN) -- The missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is more likely to be in the southern search area identified by investigators, which stretches far into the Indian Ocean, a U.S. government official familiar with the investigation told CNN on Wednesday.

"This is an area out of normal shipping lanes, out of any commercial flight patterns, with few fishing boats and there are no islands," the official said, warning that the search could well last "weeks and not days." - HERE

I believe humans, the American experts included, have mastered enough technology to find/locate a missing Boeing 777-200 jet with 209 souls onboard. Have they not? 

Wonder if we lost MH370 to a catastrophic accident or to rogues with a grand plan. I truly wonder. 


baharudinferidah said...

Salam Bro.,
I wonder WHY hishamuddin & co. brushed aside sightings of low flying aircraft bearing red line similar to MAS MH370 by people in Maldives, etc. ? Now Al-Juburi is "acting concerned" and questioning the PM & gomen's capability in managing the "crisis"... it's all VERY CLEAR that someone is setting up this SANDIWARA for the benefit of the Al-Juburi & Co.!! And the Americans are behind all this! We better get the Chinese on board fast!


baharudinferidah said...

I'm REALLY worried that the americans will stage a crash scene SOMEWHERE else for MH370 AFTER it landed in Diego Garcia! Al-Juburi & co. are the ultimate power-greedy morons... they would do anything to get power... May Allah protect us all from this evil!


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