Monday 1 September 2014

Anwar Ibrahim biadap, kata Felicia Ling

Felicia says she is a 'pengamal undang2'. I take that to mean that she is a lawyer and this brave lawyer has come up to put all those idiots who run after Anwar Ibrahim the liar' to shame.

You think Anwar Ibrahim the liar would dare sue this brave lawyer?


Yang said...

Tanya sama Anwar apa sebab goyang:

"Thou mis-shapen dick! Teeth hadst thou in thy head when thou wast born; To signify thou camest to bite the world!"
-- Shakespeare: 3 Henry VI

Mustapha Ong said...

Felicia has every right to criticise or condemn Anwar Ibrahim. She is not only brave but very patriotic Malaysian in defence of what is right and wrong. The Malays who dare not condemn Anwar should be shame of themselves. As I have posted before, the "Malays themselves will be fighting against each other, condem and ridicule the Royal Institution as well as the Federal and State Constitution, that will encourage the the provocative actions of the Chinese who are in the opposition".

Anwar thinks that he is politically correct and wants to sue everyone who are criticising his provocative political move to overthrow the BN government by force undemocratically. I wish that I am still young and could join others in condemning Anwar over the Washington saga that had implicated my involvement; in other words, "Mustapha Ong has yet to speak out on the issue initiated by Anwar and his cronies in early 1998" . The truth prevails and Allah is the witness to our actions.