Friday 5 September 2014

Pas breaking up... PasMa, papa and mama in the making


Developments, moves and political manoeuvres in the last 24-hours have proven beyond any doubt that the unholy alliance of Pakatan Rakyat is as good as dead. Pas has clearly broken ranks with PKR and DAP in the choice of candidates for the Selangor MB's post.

This latest move is not something that was unexpected, as clearly proven by pre-emptive moves to punish Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and the non-Anwarinas faction in the party for not taking orders from Anwar Ibrahim.

Reports suggest that the Anwarinas (Pas leaders subservient to Anwar) have started the ball rolling towards the formation of a new political entity that would initially masquerade as an NGO.

A string of late night messages from a well informed source within Pas suggests that Datuk Husam Musa could be the first president of PasMa which aims to contain the fallout between Pas and its allies in Pakatan.

PasMa's line-up, as described by the well placed source is as below -

Struktur Organisasi Parti Ummah Sejahtera Malaysia (Pasma) sessi 2014/16.

Mursyid Am Pasma : Ust Hj Ahmad Awang (Perak)
Timb Mursyid Am Pasma : Ust Muhammad Husin (Kel)
Presiden Pasma : Yb Dato' Husam Musa (Kel)
Timb. Presiden Pasma : Dr Hatta Ramli (Sel)
Naib Presiden Pasma : Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad (Sel)
Naib Presiden Pasma : Dr Mujahid Yusuf Rawa (Png)
Naib Presiden Pasma : Yb Khalid Samad (Sel)
Ketua Pemuda : Sheikh Omar (Joh)
Ketua Muslimat : Aiman Athirah (Sabah)
Ketua Ulamak : Ust Mohamad Nor (Mel)

AJK Pasma :
Nordin Majid (PGS - Phg)
Dato Wan Rahim (Kel)
Ust Taib Ahmad (Ked)
Ust Nasir Zakaria (Ked)
Ust Fuad Othman (N9)
Hanipa Maiden (Sel)
Syed Azman (Trg)
Mohamad Sabu (Png)
Ust Dzulqarnain (Per)
Sayuthi Basirun (Sel)
Abd Fatah Harun (Kel)

AJK Tambahan :
Rahman Talib
Hazmi Hassan
Sayuthi Omar
Hisyamudin Ghazali


If indeed PasMa becomes a reality, would the Papa & Mama-led PKR then have the final say on who takes over as Mentri Besar from the embattled Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim?

The next 24-hours or so should hold more clues.

p/s All this while the existence of a strong Anwarinas group within Pas was merely speculation, but now it has been proven. Anwar has certainly infiltrated PAS to the extend that several Pas leaders look up to Anwar, not Hadi, as their leader.



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