Friday 30 January 2015

Antics of the naked Emperor

.... and all those babu who make him walk naked around town thinking he is fully clothed.

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Anonymous said...

Is babu the superlative form of "baboon"? What a stupendous show of self-delusion within the clueless court!

dt rahman pekan said...

sdr firdaus ,very hilarious.a lot of like minded people hv suggested that pm najib honorably steps down which I m sure he wil resist and his band of hangers on wil also forbid him from doing so.

I dare say that 4 as long as tun m has not clearly put forward a demand that he steps down than pm najib's survival is still a possibility.

let us list down some of tun m's concerns n c whether pm najib has made serious efforts 2 make amends :
1) 1MDB
2) brim
3) tppa
4) being seen 2 b 2 subservient towards d USA.
5) being seen 2 b overly friend wth our kiasu southern neighbor.
6) Selangor umno leadership crisis
7) entry of intelligent young
turks into d party
8) more stringent re alignment of d present budget allocation
9) reigning in d off budget agencies etc... etc.

these are serious issues that pm najib has 2 address asap. it is not impossible n it can b done if pm najib listens 2 wise n experienced statesmen. I tend 2 agree with d view that some of his advisers need 2 b replaced though.

just thinking aloud - if tun m renews his support towards pm najib do you think that all friendly bn /umno bloggers n supporters wld follow tun's move ?. well ,I would.

Tebing Tinggi said...

rahman jpc 12:22:00 am

Re points 3, 4 & 5 in your post - how, precisely, do they affect the sovereignty of Malaysia and how do they adversely affect Malaysia's national interest?

Spare us the racist claptrap and economic nationalism (espoused by Tun Dr Mahathir).

What are the alternatives for Malaysia in a globalized environment where the US, China (and maybe India) are calling the shots?

Do you think that ersatz nationalism will cut it in this day and age?