Tuesday 6 January 2015

Prime Minister Najib was golfing again in Bangkok?

A source close to Gen Prayut said on Tuesday that the Malaysian prime minister and his wife made a private visit to Thailand on Jan 2. They went shopping, played golf and stayed overnight at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok, says the Bangkok Post.

That is what the Bangkok Post reported today. This latest report sent a chill down my spine because I don't think Najib and wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor are so heartless to enjoy themselves, shopping and golfing in Bangkok, while more than 250,000 people were battling the worst floods in our history. 

I hope the Prime Minister's Office would take the necessary action to clarify the actual whereabouts of the Prime Minister on January 2nd/3rd. 

If the report is not true, the PMO must also demand an apology and order the Bangkok Post to retract the report which depicts our Prime Minister as a irresponsible, heartless leader. 

I shall reserve my comments at this moment if the Bangkok Post report is based on facts and is indeed true. 

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Anonymous said...

Bangkok is where the e-COLI came from then. Its time to get rid of this virus.

Anonymous said...

Oh tak mungkin, tak mungkin aku kembali.
Oh tak mungkin, tak mungkin PM main golf lagi.
Oh tak mungkin, tak mungkin aku pilih dia lagi.
Oh tak mungkin, tak mungkin rakyat bodoh buta tuli.

Anonymous said...

I pity PM Najib Razak. He has no privacy at all. If I'm in his shoes, I'll just step down as PM and take my beloved wife shopping.
It is not fair for you guys to balme Najib for all and sundry. The disastrous floods was not his doing. He didnt ask for it.
It is not fair to demand him to be responsible for an act of God. Najib must be allowed to take a break. He has been working very hard.
Playing golf while the country is flooded is not a crime. What do you expect Najib to do?
Now he has contracted E-Coli because of you guys. He should have just remained in Hawaii enjoying his holidays.
It is not that the country was paralysed when Najib was on leave. The country was moving on well on auto-pilot.
Muhiydin was also doing a good job standing in for Najib.
Perhaps the time has come for Najib to go on a permanent vacation.
It would be good for both Najib and this nation.
Please vacate the Prime Minister's seat Mister Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak. You're just unfit to lead. You are not a leader but a clueless follower.

Anonymous said...

sudah-sudahlah. kenapa busuk sangat hati?

Anonymous said...

This guy wayang kulit perdana. How much more will it cost the rakyat to fund his follies after 1MDB "not-sovereign-fund-lah"?

Anonymous said...

Adakah e coli tu satu amaran dari tuhan?

Tuhan nak tunjuk...Don't Play Play with me OK?

Anonymous said...

What's the hell with u guy. If the PM, go no more laughters for the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Ya tak Ye Juga!
Kalau Joker tak ada...Tak ada lah lagi Joke Joke!

Tanduk Dua said...

We all should ask Mr & Mrs Najib for being permanent in holiday & shopping. Malaysia just need someone that post authentic caring of its people.

We are the silent majority who chose BN in the last GE felt guilty of having such kind of leader.

For me I dont trust at all on PR...but we need a better BN leader.

Najib have failed to be a good leader.

Anonymous said...

The idiots who think they communicate for the PM were squeezing their tiny brains the whole day, not on how to tell the truth but about how to discredit critics. Personal attacks and character assasination is certainly on the cards. Berwaspada. Aanasir-anasir ini hanya menjaga kepentingan mereka dan bukan tentang akibat tindakan mereka kepada PM. You are certainly on the list saudara Apanama. Be safe.

- pencuci tandas PMO

Anonymous said...

I love Najib. I hope this gets published, hehe

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

Kebenaran serta kehebatan YAB PM

Apanama sahabat ku
Yang kutuk YAB PM SEMUA yang menerima brim


Anonymous said...

He misses his wife laaa haiya..tak boleh kaa,nak lepaskan tension pd isteri yg halal...drpd cari cina doll atau jantan doll...

Anonymous said...

Dah,kan trima brim datang tiada segan silu dgn kreta audi , merz, volvo kreta2 mewah yg lain....muka tak tau malu...komunis...

Anonymous said...

Golf is for those who do not like to work I wonder who said that.

Anonymous said...

Hang tanya pada kangkung ka?