Wednesday 31 December 2014

Selamat Tahun Baru - Lets go back to basics

Don't be shocked if our youngsters don't know this flower.
1. Belief in God (Kepercayaan kapada Tuhan)

This Nation has been founded upon a firm belief in God. It was in the name of God that this Nation was established as a sovereign State.

Islam is the official religion of the Federation. Other religions and beliefs may be practised in peace and harmony and there shall be no discrimination against any citizen on the ground of religion.

2. Loyalty to King and Country (Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara)

Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy and the Yang di‑Pertuan Agong is the sovereign Head of State. Parallel with this institution of the Yang di‑Pertuan Agong as a constitutional monarch is the continued existence of the institution of the State Rulers who are heads of their respective States.

The Yang di‑Pertuan Agong, the Rulers and the Governors are symbols of unity and therefore stand above politics.

The loyalty that is expected of every citizen is that he must be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty the Yang di‑Pertuan Agong and be a true, loyal and faithful citizen of the Federation. In addition, and without derogating from such loyalty, citizens who are subjects of the Rulers mu"i bear true allegiance and loyalty to their respective Rulers.

Loyalty constitutes the soul of our nationalism.. It is this inherent loyalty to King and Country which binds together our various races into one single, united Nation. Loyalty to other countries is inconsistent with undivided loyalty to this Nation.

3. Upholding the Constitution (Keluhuran perlembagaan)

Citizenship confers on a person membership of a state. The Constitution confers on a citizen certain rights and privileges; it also imposes on him certain duties and obligations towards the Nation.

It is the duly of a citizen to respect and appreciate the letter, the spirit and the historical background of the Constitution. This historical background led to such provisions as those regarding the position of His Majesty the Yang di‑Pertuan Agong and Their Royal Highnesses the Rulers, the position of Islam as the official religion, the position of Malay as the national and official language, the special position of the Malays and other Natives, the legitimate interests of the other communities, and the conferment of citizenship. It is the sacred duty of a citizen to defend and uphold the Constitution.

4. Rule o f Law (Kedaulatan Undang-undang)

Justice is founded upon the rule of law. Every citizen is equal before the law. Fundamental liberties are guaranteed to all citizens. These include liberty of the person, equal protection of the law, freedom of religion, rights of property and protection against banishment.

The Constitution confers on a citizen the right of free speech, assembly and association and this right may be enjoyed freely subject only to limitations imposed by law. The rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution do not include the right to overthrow the Government either by force or by other unconstitutional means.

The Rule of Law is ensured by the existence of an independent judiciary with powers to pronounce on the constitutionality and legality or otherwise of executive acts.

5. Good Behaviour and Morality (Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan)
Individuals and groups shall conduct their affairs in such a manner as not to violate any of the accepted canons of behaviour, which include the abhorrence and rejection of any conduct or behaviour which is arrogant or offensive to the sensitivities of any group. No citizen should question the loyalty of another citizen on the ground that he belongs to. a particular community. Good behaviour also includes a high standard of morality in both our personal and public life.

After reading and understanding the five tenets of this nation (above), you can't deny that we are/have been heading in the wrong direction.

We have almost completely abandoned the fundamental principles inked by our founding fathers. It may be bitter but that is the situation we are stuck in now.

Would it be impossible to drop the never ending political debates and blame game (in particular the multiple games played between races and our respective religious experts, politicians and their lackeys) and move on? 

I hope better sense prevails in this blessed nation. Malaysia was flying high, heading towards greater heights just slightly over a decade ago. What happened to her? 

Just slightly over ten years ago, we stood tall in the global arena. Our voices were loud and clear because we called a spade by its name. We were not feared by respected by friends and foes. 

Although we refused to kowtow to any superpower or their lackeys in this region we stood tall in Asia and Asean. 

We chair Asean now. That looks good on paper, but where do we really stand in the eyes of our Asean counterparts. 

Have we now become another lackey of those warmongers?  

There is a Malay saying which reads "Sesat dihujung jalan, pulang kepangkal jalan". If you are a Malaysian you should understand this simple saying.   

It's about going back to basics when everything else ends up in a mess. The Rukunegara could certainly provide some guidance, for the top most principle of the Rukunegara is 'Belief in God'.  

I truly wish, pray and hope that we in Malaysia and the rest of the world have a better 2015.

Happy New Year Malaysia! 

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Praxis said...

Ideals are fine when used properly but what if abused?

Primary test for statesmanship is Godly behavior as evidenced by one's motives and actions, which loyalty to God has been weakened by our own successes when we attribute success to ourselves instead of tradition and purity of soul.

We cannot get rid of ethnic identities and so Malay dilemma correctly formulates main problem without violating the sanctity of others but actually exalts them through success of Malaysia which is denied.

The Opposition drawing on communist united front and Nazi racist ideology blind to own sins has displaced Malay dilemma with 'Chinese dilemma' supported largely from a middle classes amenable to authoritarian logic.

BN's leadership own weaknesses following Dr Mahathir's retirement has got possessively weak. Yes, our weakness should correct itself if helm pure. But how pure can one be who is used to opulence

Own own leadership finds a strange ally in Opposition's moderation slogan forgetting the Malays are by nature moderate.

If you think you are solving the Chinese game when the Malay game is the materiel one, we are headed for hell. We seem to be losing the mind game, which is part of the Malay dilemma.

IT.Scheiss said...

"Don't be shocked if our youngsters don't know this flower."

Good point Apanama.

Mired in a swirl of Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter and latest smartphone or tablet model to legitimise one's virility and and penis size, what more can you expect of this dumbed down generation of cyber savvy but socially dysfunctional Gen Y and Milennials, some of whom only know that milk comes from a carton instead of a cow?

Anonymous said...

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