Tuesday 9 December 2014

Speaking up and questioning cannot be sedition, even if its about 1MDB

LISTEN for your own good
I fully support and had pressed for the Sedition Act 1948 to be maintained. I'm still very much for the ISA to be re-instituted. My stand is for the simple reason that a big majority of Malaysians are actually for the ISA. 

If you ask me for proof that a big majority of Malaysians actually wanted the ISA, I would direct you to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. I believe the PM cannot provide the evidence to prove me wrong.

That was about the now repealed ISA. The saga endured by the Sedition Act, which miraculously survived the blade, is a similar story with a different ending. However it appears as though the move to sabotage the Sedition Act has not been halted.

I must thank the PM for mustering enough guts to reverse his earlier, unilateral, decision to repeal the Sedition Act 1948 but in the same breath Najib must also be cautioned against condoning the abuse of the act or any other acts for the matter. 

No one is above the law or have been accorded the privilege to abuse the law of this land. 

I reproduce below Tokoh Wartawan Negara Datuk A Kadir Jasin's latest comment in his blog under the posting When PM sues

1. The laws are not at fault. The people enforcing them are. I am for ISA, EO and Sedition Act. But should the government use Sedition Act against people who criticize the PM, his wife and their favourite projects?

2. Is criticizing leaders, their spouses, children and friends an act of dangerous provocation?

3. Is it written anywhere that 1MBD enjoys "kekebalan" (immunity)?

4. Is it wrong for the Tun Dr Mahathir, the Governor of Bank Negara and other caring Malaysians to take the 1MDB board and management to task?

5. Is it wrong to ask why 1MDB paid way above market price for lands it bought in Penang?

6. If 1MDB is so sound, why is it that some Tier 1 banks opted out of the syndicate funding it while others are taking risk lending billion of ringgit to it?

7. More importantly, are these loans being serviced as promised and the IPP vendors being paid?

8. I have contacted Menteri Abdul Wahid Omar (himself a banker) a number of times to give feedback on what is sent to my blog and what I hear from the marketplace.

9. I am not be able to publish all that I hear about 1MBD because they are told to me in strict confidence and I have no way of verifying them.

10. Abdul Wahid said he could not say much because he is governed by BAFIA.


p/s Take note that when a law is abused, the victim is the said law and as such you don't repeal/amend the law to sort out the mess. Action must be taken against the abuser or abusers, not the victim.

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Anonymous said...

What you are saying is that Najib may possibly do reverse engineering on legal statutes to suit private interests? Which conscientious jurisprudent with integrity would assist him in such a misguided ploy?

Anonymous said...

When the top man sub-contract all research and assessment to 3rd parties, selfish vested interests will definitely CREEP into the decision-making.

Najib must keep friends and families out of the political office.