Saturday 5 September 2015

The Hijacked Bersih 4

1. Do allow me to share my worries re the way we handled Bersih 4.

2. Syukur ianya berakhir dgn aman. Tahniah kpd kerajaan/pengawal keselamatan serta pihak penganjur dan ribuan peserta.

3. Banyak tafsiran boleh / telah diberikan, termasuklah 2 kali kehadiran Tun M.  

4. Are  Bersih demos a symptom or a disease?

5. I am inclined to believe it is the former. Indeed I am glad to be wrong on this point.

6. However, I trust, unfortunately the  multifarious diseases are within UMNO / BN / Government.

7. One of the potentially fatal disease is the negative perception that our government is gravitating towards Marcos' style of government. (I'm equally worried that if post DS Najib is similar to post Mubarak's era of instability.)

8. Re the rally. Not that I love the opposition. In fact they have failed to perform as a responsible entity. Nevertheless, please don't blame them for wanting to topple the government constitutionally  & have the right to legally rule  the  country. It's their judicious rights, the same rights as  that UMNO is enjoying.

9. Since BN/UMNO is doing everything to be in power & to remain in power, they should also be given the  same legal  space  & opportunity. Otherwise we can't proudly claim to be a true  democrat.

10. Be mindful that those who joined Bersih 4 came with different reasons & objectives. And one MUST never forget that most of them are VOTERS. They might even include BN's past and potential voters.

11. Hence to collectively condemn them & to give them all sorts unbecoming names,  in my considered  opinion, is, to say the  least, SUICIDAL!

12. Titiwangsa (866) & Setiawangsa (1,390) could be at stake. Please don't forget there're 25 BN parliamentary seats with < 2,000 majority throughout the country; 17 of them are UMNO's precarious seats. The opposition already won 89 seats in 2013. Be reminded that 112 is a simple majority.

13. What we should do was/is to win them over or, at  least,  neutralise them.

14. Only Tun M from UMNO dared to hijack Bersih 4 and inflicted the organizers with severe migraine. Should or should'nt UMNO be thankful to him?

15. The leaders' choice: to remain in power for the next 2yrs+ ONLY or continue to be in power even after  GE14. Indeed the latter demands different strategies and plan of action.

16. Whatever, I'll still vote BN...blind loyalty. 

The Hijacked Bersih 4 is penned by reader HIDUP TUAH, a diehard Umno grassroots leader and a loyal citizen of Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Blog ni cuba Menegakkan benang yang basah

Anonymous said...

If Umno cannot heed criticism and advice like above, it's the end of the road for them.

Anonymous said...

Pengomen 1:53 ini cuba melayarkan kapal yg sauhnya da dilabuh..

Hj. Ahmad said...

No no no..... U anonymous failed to read the obvious

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:53 masih lagi denial syndrome.

Anonymous said...

tolak pendapat bangsa lain terutama ca ya nun alif, orang melayu yg mengatakan seperti anon diatas adalah orang yang cetek pemikiran dan mempunyai otas malas dan lemah. orang yang jenis macam inilah senang dipergunakan oleh orang lain.

Anonymous said...

Brp bnyk pula parlimen PR yg kritikal? Ada study?

Zairn said...

oh dear different from the kaki ampu in UMNO..blind loyalty!And to think intergrity and principle is something you uphold...LOL

eri said...

awat hg suka benang yang putus2 ka???

Anonymous said...

Jemuan Jibby and the Crooks have hijacked UMNO ... any nay-sayers?

Anonymous said...

Anon@Saturday, September 05, 2015 1:53:00 a.m.

Otak awak letak kat lutut ke ataupun awak ni ahli RM bangang?

Anonymous said...

Sesiapa yang waras harus berterima kasih pada Negarawan Terulung yang masih dibebankan dengan tugas menylamatkan Malaysia.

Beliau lebih tahu tentang apa yang sedang berlaku. Kami masih kurang faham.

Namun melihat veteran yang sudah mencecah 90 tahun BERANI menempuh orang ramai yang majoritinya kaum cina yang marah, perasaan sedih melanda. Beliau tahu bahawa ada kemungkinan orang ramai mengutuk, mencaci, meludah, mengherdik dan mungkin juga membaling benda kearah beliau.

Dengan hanya berperisaikan semangat SAYANGKAN negara beliau turun kejalanan bersama isteri yang tersayang.

Rakyat Malaysia terutama PEMIMPIN UMNO harus malu dengan tindakan Tun Dr Mahathir.

Shame on you Malaysia! Nama baru MALUsia.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you. The more you brand us as disloyal the more we will fight you. See you at next GE.

Praxis said...

1. no worries
2. yea, peace-loving ones greatful indeed.
3. at the crossroads
4. symptom
5-6. Problem is UMNO/BN governance
7. non governance leads to chaos.
8.Their objectives misconceived.
9. Yes, what if BN/UMNO rotten to the core?
12. at the crossroads, BN will lose, but Cash is King will be well off
13. yes
14.Hijacked indeed; Only a Dr Mahathir can displace the brahmins from their pedestal, and effortlessly transform landscape without bragging.
15.Charade of the wicked and foolish will continue; we have been too complacent in our choices.
16. We should vote accordingt to how fit or pure a candidate is.

Anonymous said...

Pesan untuk Tun kalau org2 KBAB tanya buat apa pergi Bersih 4 bagi jawapan saya pergi tengok2 aje pasal org cakap beratus ribu rakyat yang terlibat, saya tak participate pun, baju saya pakai pun warna biru kaler umno bukan kuning

Anonymous said...

Tun M rasanya tau ramai org2 terutamanya cina yg terlibat Bersih bukan setakat tak suka dia malah musuh2 politik beliau yg terlibat Bersih pun kalau boleh nak humban dia masuk jel atas mcm2 tuduhan dulu tapi beliau pergi juga tengok sampai 2 kali. Tu menunjukkan keberanian tahap Ultraman atau Rajnikanth. Pada saya beliau memang Hero Malaya yang rakyat semua patut contohi.

Unknown said...

Knowing TDM, he is still sharp as usual. The former is strategically 4-5 steps ahead of others and the reason he attended BERSIH 4 must be crucial for the future of the people whom he had taken care for 22 years during his Premiereship. Individual like Zahid, Salleh Keruak, Shahril, Nazri, Hishamuddin or even Najib are still far far away from his league.....!! Yes, he is 90....and the most brilliant leader that Malaysia has on earth till to date...!! So, people...stop talk nonsense about TDM unless you feel that you are in the same class as him...period!!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine the interrogation session between Tun and KBAB1 (KBAB Satu, pls. read carefully ya) will be short and sweet:

"You nak charge, charge lah. Aku jawab semua di mahkamah."

Tun smiles.

Long silence....

KBAB1 gelabah biawak and runs away from Tun's office to get "further instructions".

Jangan main-main, KBAB Satu.

Anonymous said...

Tun was at bersih because that's is the only crowd who's vocal against najib. One has to summaries that all Chinese are upset with najib taking money while majority of the melayu have accept najib story of donation. I think najib will be around for a while. All hail the new emperor. Better learn the new way of life in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

@ Saturday, September 05, 2015 1:31:00 p.m.

I don't agree with the theory that "majority of the melayu have accept najib story of donation".

I was at Bersih 3 - about 65% Melayu, 35% non (a lot of Indians out there too)

Bersih 4, reverse - about 65% non Melayu, 35% Melayu (but day 1, even less Melayu. Maybe 20% only.)

The difference is PAS.

I don't think even within Umno the "donation" story is widely accepted.

People are remaining silent, that is the problem.

But if Umno elections were held in 9-12 months (by then, the whole "donation" lie will be destroyed by international investigations), then Najib would not survive.

The grassroots are not stupid.

Anonymous said...

If we want to discuss any subject let us be fair.I am no fan of BN but we must not simply jot down their weakness or chances for the coming GE.
W e also have to study the strength of Oppo.DAP is status quo due to overhelming Chinese support.PKR...they have no grass root members,their non Malay candidates in Chinese majority voters may survive,but in majority Malay voters,you can expect unfavourable result due to PAS split in Pakatan.The new party...PAN,I think they will be whitewashed.
Have we consider if PAS turned BN friendly.,not necessary join BN,the writing is on the wall now.
The other expect is that until the Parliamentary Boundaries are changed,it has been always advantages to BN in respect of numbers of Parliament seats.Just imagine the number of voters in Puchong area is equivalant to the numbers of 3 Parliament seats in rural area.Least we forgot that was the reason why even though PR received 51% of the majority votes but failed to win majority seats in Parliament.
So,we must be practical about this and until the Oppo put in order their pacts and instill our confidence,it is premature to speculate the performance of BN in coming GE or we just syok sendiri and in the frustrated.
Jibby is not a fool,the Bersih 4 made him more easier to deal with BN component parties especially Chinese base parties.As long as UMNO still behind him,the rural folks support him and the the vote bank from Sabah and Swak remained intact,I think he is saved.Afterall so far in the past 9 months he was harassed left and right,up to the extend the grand old man joined the demo on the street,Najib still survived,and it seemed he is as cool as anybody executing his job as PM as he knows best.

Anonymous said...

Najib knows that how much people hate him, it is ok as long as they vote for BN. He does not long as the outcome is remains in power.

Jln Reko

Unknown said...

Question to ask the current scenario/situation .....would increase / decrease...votes for the goverment of the day in nxt election?
Wat is the advantage... if any to increase the voting pattern
If dcereasing...wats the major problem that effect the voting the last election result....wats was the last election the current issues....does it helps to change the coming voting pattern...considering voters age n their perception towards issues if there is issues....consider also the eyes of the world watching n monitoring in nxt election.....dont just think of removing or installing someone in the short... wats going on in the party is less important comparing to wats going on in the nation..could the...3million diehard members of the party ensure the victory in the nxt some research n not care about TDM or DSNTAR.....nowadays..even siblings of diehard umno members couldnt care less about umno n some diehard member of umno tends to withdraw frm the mainstream after being influenced by the siblings...this is guys...less politiking in the party n go deep to the ROOTS OF THE the end ofvthe day....politics is figures...if someone has to sacrifice in order to secured the it now...the landscape of politics changed abruptly not hope tobthe sayings of...ur enemies weakness is ur strength...bcos majority of voters r not members of any party...they resort to
the formula..who we r voting...not the party..u can pleased the party member to the maximun..but could u win? The current situation is not good for the ruling party...change or to be changed...
anak desa taiping.

Anonymous said...

PAS can be BN-friendly?

No, they will compete hard.

If you are pro-BN Melayu and sick of Najib's Umno but don't want DAP, then you will vote for whom?

Of my Umno-leaning friends, out of ten I would say there is an even split now between not voting at all and switching to PAS. Only 4 out of 10 would continue their habit of voting Umno. That's how much Najib is "loved".

I think PAS will retake Kedah if Mukhriz gets kicked out.

The MCA will get zero seats after GE14. MIC may get 2. They are now irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

"......he is as cool as anybody executing his job as PM as he knows best."

If his "best" is what he's shown in the last 6 years, then he is shameless.

Worst PM we have ever had, hands down.

Anonymous said...

Jika Muhyiddin diapa-apakam oleh MT pada 9/9, Umno harus bersedia menanngung kesannya. Beberapa cawangan telah bersedia untuk memfailkan saman terhadap Najib seperti yang dilakukan oleh Anina. Umno boleh mengambil tindakan melucutkan keahlian Anina kerana beliau bertindak secara insividu. Jika saman dikemukakan oleh cawangan, kita mahu lihat sama ada Perlembagaan Umno mempunyai klausa yang membolehkan tindakan diambil terhadap cawangan. Buang cawangan Umno agaknya. Jika Mukhriz disentuh, hal serupa akan berlaku. Bermain dengan undang2 adalah kerja peguam.

Kalau surat pemecatan Anina bertarikh 2/9 boleh sampai ke tangan peguam pada 1/9, kita boleh nilai bagaimana kecekapan SUA Umno bekerja. Tarikh itu hanya bahan jenaka dalam mahkamah nanti tapi tafsiran undang2 dalan Perlembagaan Umno mungkin membuatkan Hafarizam pun berpeluh sejuk. Dan bila cawangan yang memfailkan saman, kita akan saksikan kecekapan mereka bermain mewakili bos mereka.

Unknown said...

Najib is cool so far not because of the support he is getting from majority of the MT UMNO.....but the king of all which he has all this while...CA$H!! The weaknesses of the majority of Malay CA$H...who has billion$$$ can easily buy the support especially from the Malay$...!! TDM has shared his thought of what is happening today 10yrs back in MELAYU MUDAH LUPA.....

Unknown said...

What he knows best is how to make use the billion$$ he has.....buying the support from those stupid, arrogant and desperate Malay MPs/Ministers......

Anonymous said...

Bukan oleh org lain....oleh najib. Skrg zaman terus to the point je....jgn selindung2. Jgn bagi muka lanun2 semua ni.....takkan tak bengang kena bodohkan oleh mereka kot?

Anonymous said...

The emperor is wearing no clothes and his privies are stinking like rotten bogeys.

Ahmad Hafiz said...

Glad to meet up with you at SKBD FA training earlier today. Hope to see you and your family again next week.

Apanama said...

Nice meeting you too bro Hafiz... and the other meeting was extraordinary. see again soon :-)

Anonymous said...


The Deputy Minister, who is also Umno Information Chief, did not disclose how Najib became one of those to whom Al-Waleed purportedly decided to give away his money.

Well, great.

Now someone has been dumb enough to stick their neck out and name someone.

Now all we need is confirmation and evidence....

Tajul said...

Setuju. Tapi kalau sistem perundangan pun dah kena 'beli' nanti macamana?