Tuesday 8 September 2015

Kejayaan NAJIB RAZAK #sehatisejiwa

Saksikan kupasan video di-atas dan cuba berfikir secara waras. Jangan asyik mengharapkan orang lain untuk bertindak membuat sesuatu agar malang yang menimpa negara ini dapat diatasi. Cuba fikir apa yang anda mampu lakukan untuk negara tercinta ini dan masa depan anak-anak kita.

P.S. Najib Razak dah saman Wall Street Journal ker belum?


Anonymous said...

But it's true lah - look at the Cabinet now.

If you write jilat b**** blog articles for one year - bingo, you become a minister straight.

So now we have neither moral nor intellectual calibre at the top.

How low can we go?

Anonymous said...

Blessed are those whom the Bogeysman condemns as disloyal, for they are still on the straight path of morality. And cursed are the Bogeysman's henchmen for they are morally corrupt. Heaven or Hell are merely a death away . . .

Anonymous said...

Sdr Apanama, this is a lament
So many bad news, Kevin Morais' disappearance, alleged foul play and any link to the murder of the former founder of AmBank? How can someone just go missing?
Tomorrow's supreme council meeting and expected sackings? Are there plans to get a court order to stop the meeting from being held?
Ringgit loses again vs USD, how low can it go? Our overseas poor students are suffering, what can be done?
Sept 16 demo and threats of violence, even PAS will not join.