Tuesday 13 October 2015

Keranamu Malaysia

The move to defend and protect this nation from thieves and traitors was basically reinforced and rejuvenated by yesterday's coming together of our statesmen and leaders. 

The move by stalwarts to set aside all other differences and stand together, is purely to safeguard the best interests of the nation and her people. It is because of Malaysia, for Malaysia.

This is not about politics. This is about protecting our nation and her future together with that of our coming generations of Malaysians.

This is not about politics. This is about standing up to save a nation that is in a critical situation and risk sliding into a full blown crisis if we don't get out of the 'tidak apa' attitude and stop the rot. 

This is not politics. This is not about overthrowing a government. 

This is about protecting our beloved nation from thieves and traitors. This is about removing a Prime Minister / Finance Minister who has clearly abused his position and committed blatant acts of criminal breach of trust (CBT). (Sue me and I'll explain this in detail)

This is just about saving our beloved nation from a criminal who has hijacked the Prime Minister of Malaysia's position. 

We must free this country from Najib Razak and his small group of goons who are raping Malaysia from all angles.    

Keranamu Malaysia!  


Anonymous said...

but need a Political move, political action & politician :)

Anonymous said...

This is not politics. What!!!??? What !!!!??? What!!!???

Anonymous said...

I will definitely vote other than bn now as long as the manifesto is about to catch all the crooks
From pm,rosmah,mat maslan,zahid,jho low,kbab,the new Pariah AG for obstructions of law!
After all, umno is no less than about guarding their stinks heart & guts down below
They hv no shame towadrs tun.
Why am i bother to defend ketuanan melayu when these crooks shamelessly destroy our country.
Lets destroy each other now. No one spared.

Anonymous said...

What Bro. Firdaus means is that at this critical juncture, the rakyat must rise over common partisan politicking.
This is a job for the royals, truly.

Apanama said...

Precisely Anon 10:46