Friday 25 March 2016


Jika mereka yang menyanyikan lagu patriotik Malaya Tetap Merdeka ini masih hidup, apa mungkin perasaan mereka bila menyaksikan keadaan masyarakat Malaysia pada ketika ini? 

Adakah masyarakat pelbagai kaum, agama dan keturunan kita lebih matang daripada keadaan kita pada tahun 1959? 

Kita masih merdeka dalam ertikata yang dijiwai sebelum dan selepas 31 Ogos 1957? 

Kemana halatuju kita? 

Tepuk dada, tanya selera dan renungilah dilema kita. 


Anonymous said...

My mummy used to relate to us how before the 70's, if you were a wayfarer in Malaysia that you could find welcome accommodation in the homes of strangers to pass the night. Fine humanity really....

Anonymous said...

Bugis played out the Malays and been said before will say it again.....

Anwar is a DECOY
Najib is the TROJAN

The annihilation is under way....UMNO masih tidak bangun then the country will burnnnnn!

Anonymous said...

Malays are essentially good Muslims. But if you corrupt their religion like it has been done, then you will find bad Malays.

Waghih said...

Bro ...

Annihilation of the ' have not ' is already on the way in Penang and Selangor .
Low cost house priced at Rm100K to Rm200K , affordable priced at Rm500K to Rm700K .
Traditional village are wipe up and replace with unaffordable housing .
But if you are a DAPig crony then you can get 50% discount on all asset with the help of Tokong .

By the way , didnt the DAPig gang whacked all the hill bald too ?

Yes , the annihilation has already started and it is only in Penang and Selangor.


Anonymous said...

Selangor & Penang were wiped out way back during BN government since 1970s. I think you have been grossly misinformed, mislead and miseducated on the history of governments in these two states.
We cannot be biased in our opinion as history of Penang & Selangor government showed that prior mismanagement by earlier governments had done the damage very much earlier.
Now it is very tough or a very remote possibility
for BN to take over as people of both states are well informed and educated to follow blindly.