Tuesday 29 March 2016

1MDB - Australian Broadcasting Corporation's lies about Prime Minister Najib Razak ?

Well, hear ABC out and draw your own conclusions afterwards. 

In the meantime, if the report is nothing but another 'Jewish conspiracy' to topple him, Najib Razak the Prime Minister of Malaysia must initiate necessary legal actions to protect the badly beaten up image of Malaysia. 

I'm quite sure a big majority of Malaysians don't care what the world thinks about Najib the son of Tun Abdul Razak but every Malaysian care and would want to protect the good name of Malaysia. 

Stop dragging this nation into your never ending scandals, and into the dungeon of failed states.


Next Tuesday is exactly a week away.


Anonymous said...

Let me up the ante on the image of Malaysia since you said its beaten-up! Well between the cow dung and the Tofu-face Bugis-Pirate when placed next to each other...at least the former has its usefulness which can be turned into fuel in the most primitive way. But the latter ie. Tofu-face Pirate is the opposite burning all the recognitions and achievements Malaysia has made destroying in quick-fire 7 years of his administration from the hard-fought-build country since independence from backwater state to an industrialised nation with help from 5-6 years of Dollah-Tidor!

The impression is so bad in North America where we felt on ground zero here!

So, if cow dung is a grade better then the Bugis-Pirate's Tofu-face reflecting CORRUPTED image of Malaysia, what can save Malaysia is to see his demise for good and be made to answer for all his 'Ali Baba 1MDB, 2.6 Billion & 42 Million' stash in his dalam gua-account!

Even with fate to see eventually the Bugis-Pirate is destined to the 3-Wall and Vertical-Grills room....., perhaps in 15-20 years time...., the rebuilding of Malaysia will be one darn uphill task from all the damage done to this beloved Malaysia, all because of the menace from a Bugis-Pirate (read - not a Warrior)!


Anonymous said...

Saya berdoa dan terus berdoa agar pemimpin yang tidak amanah ini (Pm),akan menerima pembalasan akhirnya,...kadangkala seperti tidak percaya sebab diri ini sentiasa menyokong Najib sebelum ini,tetapi sejak tindakan demi tindakan yang sangat tidak konsisten dan mencurigai semenjak skandal 1mdb terbongkar,hati dan akal sudah dapat mengesan sememangnya ada yang tidak betul,tambahan menuduh,menfitnah,aniayai Tun dan lain lain...terus saya sudah tidak mempercayai Najib lagi....tambahan dengan tukang karut (pembodek)yang bukan main mengalih isu.....jika tuan badan (pm)sendiri tidak berani memberi penjelasan dengan bukti secara direct,usah harap kami rakyat yang mengkaji,membaca ,melihat serta berfikir untuk mempercayai kata kata pembodek.....ada hikmah apa yang sedang berlaku..ia adalah satu peringatan besar kepada pemimpin akan datang...jadilan pemimpin yang cekap rajin dan amanah.....hanya kerana Najib habis semua terpalit sama,malu sungguh!

Anonymous said...

go on with creating all the bad perception about DSN... its mere preception ;-))

Anonymous said...

"You can always trust the untrustworthy because you can trust that they will be untrustworthy. Its the trustworthy you can’t trust.They might just do something stupid."

– Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Carribean

Waghih said...

Ayoyoo macha , what happen ?

DAPig Chicken Pua conned Tun M ...
Tun M conned Ku Li ..
Ku Li conned Tun M ..
Tun M conned ABC ...
ABC conned tiada Harapan n ABC gang ..
DAPig Tokong conned Penangites...

Well folks , DSN smelt rats from the distance long time ago and for that reason he doesnt give a shit to that ABC , DAPig led takda Harapan and ANC gang .
You folks can yell , howl and curse (with foam in the mouth )DSN and Barisan group but it will not have any impact to peace loving Malaysian .

Kongres rakyat ? Deklarasi Tun M ?
Well .. it just sound chicken cloaking only .

What ? petition to Agong ?
Tun M already admitted it will not work .

Just in case you folks have a lapse of memory .. Tun M just admitted that he was a DICTATOR during his 22 years reign .
What ? .. there was no demonstration ?
How to demo when almost everybody are in jail ...
What ? ... i'm lying ?
Ayooo ... just ask your bed partner .

Thing are getting very interesting lately .. and DSN are looking fresh everyday .

Cant wait for tomorrow .

Anonymous said...

Perception? You must so bloody fucked in your brain to think its a perception.....I just met jemaah tabligh here in North America and it goes without saying people in masjid knew but just do not talk about it inside the masjid.

The frown in their face tells everyrhing.

Othman Ahmad said...

Your nagging & bitching means nothing as we've made our move to depose Najib & Rosmah once and for all. 28 years ago I candidly asked Najib to be wary of BENSON HEDGES pseunodym...


Got it, Waghih....????

Othman Ahmad said...

Hari ini hari Selasa
Esok hari hari Rabu
Hari hari dicerca hina
Entah bila nak saman malu

Anonymous said...

It will not have any impact huh?

Already this 4Corners journalist being intimidated and threathened should he set his foot in this country again by Home Ministry. It will not have any impact to the point where pro establisment blog mykemut scrambled to Najib's defense not by giving rebuttal to the issue raised by this documentary but by being extremely personal by digging up Aussie's notorious past.
By the way, are you part of newly assembled redbeannies spearheaded by Ahmad Maslan? Were you wearing RED while you writing this?
You 're pretty much predictable in every blog you showed up with your knee jerk reactions. Do read more dude and come up with something better otherwise dedaks thrown will be gone to waste.

Yeah, 'can't wait for tomorrow'. The call for change is getting louder each day.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes Waghih, I wonder which planet you are from exactly.

Mars? Pluto?

And when were you born?


The things you wrote and spinned really baffled the mind.

Do you honestly think you can win over the minds of the fence-sitters, let alone those who had made up their minds and are against the current administration with your lame and half-baked arguments?

Oh please.... Give the people more credit than that.

People have instant access to information nowadays.

You can spin and lie all you like but the truth, and justice, will prevail.

Grow up.

And learn.

And be truthful and honest.

Another Waghih.

Anonymous said...

Ramesh Rao : Hey you white man..lol..

Anonymous said...

AhJibNgok MUST GO!!


Anonymous said...

Zeti Aziz was a class act in this documentary. Though that bucked teeth Aussie aggresively barged into her and posed those sesitive questions, she handled it professionally and trying her best to answer them. She was respectful throughout. Her officers didn't try to push the reporter away unlike what happened in Sarawak.
She understood the media's job and treated them with respect. You need them not only in good times but bad times as well. To some, throughout these tough times, journalists are like a disease which need to be avoided. I'm proud of having Zeti Aziz as our central bank governor.

Anonymous said...

Salam Apanama,

To: Waghih,

Oden nak tayo ekau botoi ko tidak: Kalo ekau kawin ngan orang pompuan nogori, ekau bodoh sobek ekau bayar ponoh tapi dapeknyo suku? Botoi tak botoi? Kalo botoi, jadinya ekau dan najib somo eh, "Bayar ponoh, dapeknyo suku!!!" Jadinyo ekau merayau tak tonto arah sobek lagi tiga suku kek kepalo ekau!!! Bodoh tak bodoh ekau ni?!!!

Terima kasih, Apanama. Wassalam.

Anonymous said...

Those ABC reporters were briefly detained in Sarawak and about to be charged in court for allegedly obstructing a public officer performing his duty? I was like wth..Was he blocking prime minister's path? Did he stop and pull prime minister aside asking questions?
That Aussie dude was just throwing questions to the prime minister as he walked along. He didn't blocking anyone. It actually quite a normal thing for journalist to do that especially here in the West. He's free whether to answer it or not. If the Malaysian authority did press charge for that, it was down right clear an abuse of power. Prime Minister Mahathir used to be bombarded by the foreign press while in office. Not even once he shunned the reporters who asked him questions.
If you watch the documentary, this ABC reporter did the same to Dr. Zeti Aziz, the Malaysian central bank governor. She too was ambushed by this spongebox square pants Aussie and he asked her about the money in prime minister's accounts. The suprised Zeti stopped and answered his questions even though she didn't hold a PC at that time. She treated the reporter with respect.
You see, there's no need to resort to intimidating tactics if you didn't want to answer the questions. Just let it past. Mr. Najib was such a cry baby who needed to be shielded and protected at all times.

Anonymous said...

Its a sham Najib studied in England, its a crying shame...

Anonymous said...

Tolo eh poi mano?

Anonymous said...

Do read RockyBru's latest blogpost describing his new favourite food. Who else more qualified to describe it other than its biggest benefactor; )

Waghih said...

Den tak khobar an masok suku ...
Kalau ekau masok suku gak ... den tak dapek nolong doh ...


Othman Ahmad said...

Seorang teman saya pun telah bernikah dgn seorang wanita N. Sembilan dan telah diperingatkan oleh Tok Lembaga tentang adat'Masuk Suku'di malam pernikahan. Esok harinya teman saya ditanya oleh bapa mertuanya apa perasaan teman saya setelah 'Masuk Suku'. Teman saya terus mohon maaf seraya berkata, "Alamak...saya tak sengaja, nyamuk2 di Rembau besar2 belaka hinggap di punggung saya. Bila saya tepuk nyamuk, saya tertekan masuk sampai habis. Si Milah (isterinya) pulak tu dakap saya dan tak mahu dilepaskan. Sorry tak sengaja, ya pak!

Waghih said...

Folks ...

Tomorrow has arrived ...
What an interesting event ...
Tun M has finally made the wisest move in his career ...

Told you folks ... so dont cry .

What goes around comes around ...
Qado n Qadar...

Looking forward for another tomorrow..


Anonymous said...

"The Hypocrites, men and women, (have anunderstanding) with each other: They enjoin evil, and forbid what is just, and are close with their hands. They have forgotten God; so He hath forgotten them. Verily the Hypocrites are rebellious and perverse." (Quran, 9:67)

Anonymous said...

Nobody is crying over anything Waghih.

There is no dedak involved.

TDM is stepping down from all positions that have anything to do with the present filthy regime.

Know of any dictator willing to do likewise, Waghih?

Integrity and credibility are traits that cannot be bought or traded with.

And those two traits are sadly lacking from your Najib and his henchmen.

As for you Waghih, you have none at all.

Another Waghih.

Anonymous said...

Undur Najib!

Anonymous said...

Waghih keparat,

Ko ni pi layan ahmad maslan la lagi baguih...

Buat menyemak je....

Praxis said...

Nothng but the whole truth from some world-class reporting.

How have we been lax in our morals to permit such perfidy?

How many more lives before we wake up to the truth?

Anonymous said...

Waghih: "What goes around comes around ... Qado n Qadar...Looking forward for another tomorrow."

Say: "Each one (of us) is waiting. Wait therefore, and soon will you know who it is on the straight and level Way, and who it is who has received true Guidance."
(Quran,Ta Ha:135)

Unknown said...

No body telling lies. The only person who is telling lies after lies is the Pahlawan Bugis and the dedak "makanan Haiwan, kata Tun M" eater.

Still want to deny ?

Anonymous said...

Woi Waghih,

Berapa dedak ko dapat dari Ahmad Maslan? 10 ringgit/jam? Ahmad Maslan dapat budget 1000 ringgit/jam sorang dan ko di bagi nya 10 ringgit. Elok lah tu Waghih, pemakan dedak bangang!!

Othman Ahmad said...

Menanggapi Najib kebal dan tidak boleh dijatuhkan adalah pendapat bodoh & sengal. Beliau masih selamat kerana dilindungi oleh AG Pak Pandir & KP Khalid.

Friends, Malaysians & countrymen....
Lend me your ear & hear me good.

Ingat.....selain Marcos & Suharto, sejarah juga mengingatkan kita kembali kezaliman seorang pemimpin negara dari Peru yang kesudahannya terpegok ke dalam penjara atas kesalahan menipu, menyeleweng public fund masuk ke akaun peribadi, menculik & pembunuhan kejam pada tahun 1990an. Siapa kata pemimpin negara kebal dari hukuman undang-undang. Sudah ada precedence (contoh) kita boleh buat yg sama.
Bekas Presiden Peru, Alberto Fujimori telah diekstradisikan ketika beliau melarikan diri ke Jepun dihadapkan ke mahkamah Peru mengikut International Laws.

Othman Ahmad said...


Put this into your head....

Ex-Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori, who led the country from 1990 to 2000, was slapped with a series of criminal charges ranging from corruption, embezzlement and ordering the security forces to carry out killings and kidnappings. He fled to Japan. An Interpol arrest warrant was issued and he was subsequently jailed for 25 years.

There are laws in many countries, including Malaysia, giving a certain degree of immunity to civil servants (which includes PM and his Minister) from being held liable or sued for acts done in the course of discharging lawful official duties. And siphoning of public funds does not come under official duties. It is in fact a crime against the State.

Najib has to face the charges and defend himself. If he does not, and where he has to be extradited to another country to face the charges and Malaysia willfully obstruct the move, an Interpol arrest warrant can be issued. This means, he can’t set foot in foreign soil without being arrested. Time has a solution to get around diplomatic and protocol constraints, if any – just wait until he is no longer the PM.

However, Najib is to be held as ‘innocent until proven guilty’ in a court of law to be fair, of course.

SaveMalaysia6 said...

Zeti Aziz has done a great job, for sure. She is widely respectrd.Now Najib replaces her with another of his paid political stooges. Another blow for democracy and transparency.
More cover up and cronyism.
Malaysia is a laughi g stock now.