Saturday 17 December 2016

How to fix Malaysia ?

Our deteriorating state as a nation is no longer a secret. The speed at which we are sliding towards becoming a failed nation has surprised the world but it is no longer a secret. Most importantly those watching us could sense the root cause of our decay. 

The ugly side of 'Leadership by example' is eating away all that we have built for the past six or seven decades. The hardwork of all Malaysians irrespective of race, religion or region is going down the drain. 

We are losing confidence, trust and respect at an alarming rate. Our currency is fast becoming a laughing stock. The much touted market forces are moving against us.  

Who knows what hit us? 

The Edge has carried out a telling online survey on Malaysia's rot. The findings are analysed in a Special Bumper issue available on newsstands now. 

There is also an interesting article by Tun Daim Zainuddin in The Edge' bumper issue (excerpts above) which basically tells us what to do to #SaveMalaysia. 

In Tun Daim's jottings the part on the role of civil servants should be an eye opener, especially to those higher ups who seem detached from the reality on the ground. 

The few from the top echelon of the civil service must certainly face the music when those dirty politician are no longer in positions to abuse power. 


Wonder if any among those 21,439 respondents of the survey suggested the formation of a Truth Commission. 



Anonymous said...

well stated sir, well stated..

Anonymous said...

Jom jalan2 tengok kehidupan mereka dinegara jiran...seminggu di indonesia, seminggu di thailand, seminggu di brunei, seminggu di singapura seminggu di mumbai seminggu di filipina, sebulan di paris, sebulan di london.

Anonymous said...

The Chief Criminal needs only six fellow crooks to stay in power:

One each in the offices of...

Speaker of Parliament
PAC head

Maybe these people, who are all Muslims, should remember what Islam teaches about right and wrong.

John Doe said...

How to fix Malaysia? This is my 2.6 cents.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

In the case of Malaysia, the first step should be getting rid of the Lanun Bugis.

Once he is out then only all the repairing works may take place.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone seemed to be beating themselves, banging their heads on the wall looking for solution when everybody else knows by now the root cause of all this mess is created by HIM. Yes HIM. Only HIM and none other than HIM.
With him still around, together with his over indulgence wifey, it'll weigh down on everyone and everything in order to defend him or to justify his existence there. It is so tiring and demoralising for everyone involved.
I'm suprised that the people in the know can go around and keep ignoring the elephant in the room. The solution to the problem is so darn simple. It is no rocket science. Get rid of him and everything will be back to normal. Even Umno and BN will come out even stronger if he's no longer around.
He's a massive liability for everyone to be associated with. The sooner the people realize this, the sooner the process of healing can take place.

Anonymous said...

Getting rid of HIM is not a easy task, but can be done. Repairing the two malignant 'damaged goods (Umno & BN)' is going to take a considerable long & difficult time.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you watch the umno general Assembly? That's the problem.

cimporok said...

Singapore is good example which is non muslim but more islamic which is shamefull for Malaysia which doing 5 waktu !!!!'

John Doe said...

Bro, crook no 6 already admitted he is there only to 'cari makan'. Remember?

Unknown said...

Wishing for Malaysia to go downhill/failed state is wishful thinking and day dreaming.You can go on living in your dreams while today another foreign rating agency has rated Malaysia favourably and set to grow 4.5% next year....all based on solid facts and figures and not just generalised statements.The growth of the country is independent of Najib and 1MDB.With or without them pls have faith in ourselves that we will continue to grow.We have enough of prophets of doom.

Anonymous said...

Daim talking about corruption, integrity and honesty. Do you not have anyone else to quote, Apanama?

It's like Mahathir opposing corruption and callung for more civil liberty.

Anonymous said...

"The growth of the country is independent of Najib and 1MDB. With or without them pls have faith in ourselves that we will continue to grow."?

Mohd. Rosli! What an Outstanding Oxymoron!

Anonymous said...

There is really no evidence that the opposition can overthrow this kleptocratic regime or if the variables mentioned in the articles would fall into place, thereby facilitating a Harapan victory.
This is not meant as an attack but rather a rejoinder that we are sailing through very dangerous waters and if we do not get our act together and move beyond simply cheerleading a disorganised opposition, we could end up in a whole world of hurt.

1) Umno has always suffered electoral setbacks when faced with a cohesive opposition. As it is, the opposition is in disarray. PAS is a spoiler made worse by the reality that PKR needs them to remain politically relevant.

2) Recent by elections have demonstrated that Bersatu or at least the personalities behind them and Amanah have not gained traction with the demographic that keeps Umno in power.
3) The issue of corruption plays well with the urban demographic but again for various reasons has not become an issue with rural demographic.

If Umno delivers everything it says it will deliver, the cycle of complicity will continue. Disenfranchised people will continue voting for a regime which puts rice in their bowls. I am not talking about the urban class but rather those people who have depended on real power, federal power exercised corruptly for their benefit. That is the culture some people forget that we are dealing with. We nurtured this culture.

4) Felda settlers unfortunately are not easily moved by corruption scandals only because they have weathered such scandals over the long Umno watch. If the Najib regime can find a way to assuage their grievances, then they will remain firmly in the Umno camp. And since Umno has always found a way to placate this demographic and keep a tight lid on anyone attempting to proselytise to them, I do not think that banking on them would be beneficial to Harapan.

5) The younger generation of Malay voters are a promising demographic but they are currently embroiled in a culture war that consumes most of their energy and effort.Young Malay oppositional types not only have to contend with the Umno regime but they also have to contend with the Islamic forces in this country with no help whatsoever from mainstream Malay political parties or non-Malay political parties who do not view them as part of a new deal but merely a specific racial demographic needed to win the throne of Putrajaya.

6) Race and religion. While my views on these issues are spread across various articles, I think there are deeper issues here than just Umno spreading racial and religious discord. I think that Umno is the main purveyor or racial and religious disharmony but I do think that what the opposition keeps running into a deep-rooted cultural and historical issues from within Pakatan that they have not dealt with hence are not able to come up with a convincing strategy to win over the majority Malay demographic.

7) Finally, the native voters of Sabah and Sarawak. I would not put much faith in them. They really do have problems that most peninsular Malaysians have no idea of.