Friday 27 January 2017

BMF vs 1MDB public debate - What do you think ?

I think the suggestion below is brilliant. 

Actually this would be a golden opportunity for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak to come clean and prove his innocence and at the same time expose former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his 'links' with BMF.

As the anonymous commenter (comment published in full below) on my last posting suggests, this could be Nothing to Hide Part 2. Another chance for Najib to make up for his missed opportunity during the first Nothing to Hide.

But would Najib be man enough to face Dr Mahathir before a live audience. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

BMF vs 1MDB (Nothing to Hide Part 2)

It is obvious Najib’s mouthpieces are working overtime trying to dig up “dirt” on Dr Mahathir’s administration.

First it was the BMF and after Dr Mahathir had explained and proved that it was handled transparently, investigations were conducted and a White Paper tabled and the perpetrators arrested, charged and jailed, Najib’s mouthpieces are moving on to another issue.

Without doubt, there were things that did not go the way Dr Mahathir planned during his administration but none of these alleged misadventures saw money ending up into Dr Mahathir’s account.

And all these so-called misdeeds were dealt with publicly and debated openly in Parliament. They were never designated Government secrets and put under the OSA.

This, as Dr Mahathir pointed out, was unlike the manner Najib handled the 1MDB case, in which he is caught lying and stealing and his reaction was to put a stop to investigations, sack those who questioned him, arrest those who reported against him and placed the Auditor-General’s report on 1MDB under the OSA etc…etc…

To put an end on this attempts to prove that Dr Mahathir had committed all these “sins” and as such Najib should not be criticised for his 1MDB scandal, it would be best that they have a public debate, similar to 2015’s “Nothing2Hide” face-off proposed by Najib’s supporters until Najib backed out in the last minute.

The face off can be titled BMF versus 1MDB and both Dr Mahathir and Najib can put forth their arguments.

The moderator should be a foreign personality of repute and to be held before live audience and aired live.

This should put an end to this case of “two wrongs making one right”.

And let the nation be the judge.



Anonymous said...

An apple vs. an orange? How can you defend blatant dishonesty and theft on a grand scale with things that were dealt in the open, even after the fact? In any case, Najib is a coward by using proxies to speak for him whereas Tun M confidently defends himself with facts, no imaginary or made-up participants.

I don't think Najib will come out of hiding and face Tun although in actual fact he has nowhere2hide.

Anonymous said...

Pahlawan bugis ada bran ke

Anonymous said...

Makin lama makin teruk dah Najib ni.Samalah teruk dengan tukang jawab untuk pihak beliau.

Anonymous said...

How to? Najib got no buah pelir he will pee in his pants if the debate put before live audience��������������������

Anonymous said...

I think BMF and 1MDB is not an apple to apple comparison. The whole BMF scandal did not implicate Tun M directly or indirectly but speculatively driven to malaysia's politics for political mileage. I'm more inclined to believe Tun M was salvaging whatever remains in Bank Bumiputera for the sake of the malays survival at that point of time due to the fact that it was the biggest scandal of the far east. There were other foreign banks implicated by the dealings with Carrian Groups but Bank Bumiputera was the one got hit the most. As for 1MDB case, the MO1 was clearly mentioned by the undisputed evidence based on clear cut money trails, finding and witnesses. Why must we as malaysian, so difficult to accept those facts and allows those culprits from UMNO to manipulate continuously over and over again...let alone the stupidity of some ignorant malays that supposed to be embracing values of Islam that failed to see what was right and wrong. There is no need to debate or whatsoever but our job as patriots of our nation is to kick out BN forever and let the healing proces begins for the sake of our next generations.

John Doe said...

Dear Tuan Firdaus,

For the first time I just couldn't agree with what u have written.

May I quote you:--

"I think the suggestion below is brilliant.

Actually this would be a golden opportunity for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak to come clean and prove his innocence and at the same time expose former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his 'links' with BMF."

My comment :-

A brilliant idea must not just be idealistic. It must also be logical and within the ability of all the parties involved.

Suggesting a thief who happens to be the commander of the state to debate with a statesman though may sound idealistic but is nevertheless so illogical, and definitely not within the former's ability.

Eventhough I believe that the anon who came out with the suggestion is a brilliant person (just like u are, sir), but this time may I humbly say that both you and the anon are merely being Mat Jenins with angan2 of something that will never ever happen.

Oghang utagha cakap 'hangpa ni kuat angan-angan sungguh nooo'..

Even the angan-angan of the real Mat Jenin to be rich without doing anything sounds more logical than the above suggestion. Who knows, tuah ayam nampak di kaki tuah Mat Jenin siapa tahu kan?. Hehehe..


To you and the said anon, only one word from me...


Anonymous said...

just call it "Something2Hide"....debate

Anonymous said...

BMF was a genuine banking business where its international overseas' arm went awry because of excessive lendings.There were various reports internationally or locally published available in public domain if any party interested to gain access into it. Former PM Mahathir was not personally involved nor benefited from it in any way. There was no cover up.

1MDB on the other hand was a blatant theft where billions of money squeezed off from the country's treasury and its strategic assets being diverted and embezzled without a trace. Most of the money apparently stashed overseas ostensibly for investments.

Some of the money made its 'balik kampung' journey in 2013 before the GE because the king desperately need some cash to make his world go around. Billions of money out of nowhere turned up in his personal bank accounts which he claimed a donation from Saudi royal family. 1MDB was never a development fund as it made up to be but actually a secret slush fund for purposes only he himself knew.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't in Lima he graphically being shunned on stage for the whole world to see? The message was clear: the delegates at Lima wanted nothing to do with a thief. Does Dr. M want to be seen together on stage with a thief?

Actually the idea of holding a debate does not arise at all in his case. We know he awols, any with him as a major focal point on stage. In Parliament, nowhere2hide, MH370...anything involving 2-way communication he'll not show up because he knows he'll get a stroke if he does.

So Syed Keruak meant nothing less than a joke recently when he castigated LKS saying, he does not have the mettle to debate with his boss when LKS requested for one.

Please remember that a kleptocratic mindset does not endear itself to being questioned.

Anonymous said...

Is bogeys man enough to face down the old man on national TV? ...hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...


- John Doe pretty much has stated the obvious.

- Someone mentioned SOMETHING2HIDE, I'll upped with EVERYTHING2HIDE...

- when on STAGED-MANAGED and STAGED-CHOREOGRAPHED during recent 'FORUM' with university students (questionable legitimacy ie. 'real students' yes but pre-indoctrinated?) that with his tail-wagging between his legs he still managed to utter being nervous as hell!???

- so called 'live forum' with predetermined Q & A with an OXFORD grad whom had managed to bring himself so low that he's confused between 'POLITICS' and KLEPTOCRATIC! What an embarrassment!

- Tony Pua's writ will be another interesting dig where PM01 will either respond or deploy his full capability in getting the judge/s or counsels securely in his 'bean-counter book'...Feb 1, 2017 is crunch time!

- Tampering with EVIDENCE are all over the place with 'proactive' reactions by PM01, what more need to be said?

- Beyond reasonable doubt...DOJ & convictions in Singapore are cases for references.

- finally...PM01 is GUILTY as HELL until proven otherwise, period!


PS. There's no need to waste everybody's time by giving PM01 'airtime' to continue LYING! If I may quote my own phrase, "...too many LIES does not make TRUTH to come by...".

Anonymous said...

Debate in court is the best place. Not public debate...waste time.

Tajul said...

Najip is more interested to


He did not just lost his balls

He lost his scrotum as well, dulu kini & selamanya..