Tuesday 20 June 2017

A tale of two prime ministers

This is exactly how it should be done. This is what you do if you have nothing to hide. This is undoubtedly a man of honour with impeccable integrity. He not only apologised for the conduct of others but has also called on the entire nation and all members of the Singapore parliament, irrespective of party affiliations, to examine him. - https://youtu.be/h76nx_5gRBc

Singapore must be proud of her Prime Minister who is man enough to grab the bull by its horn and face his critics, even if the critics are just siblings. 

It may be a personal issue but Lee Hsien Loong is wise enough to note that his family feud has tarnished the seat of the prime minister and the government of Singapore. Such is his respect and responsibility to the office of the Prime Minister.

His Loong's late father Mr Lee Kuan Yew would certainly be proud of his eldest son for walking in his footsteps, for standing tall with his morals intact. 

Bravo Mr Prime Minister !

Meanwhile Malaysians on this side of the causeway are hoping that Hsien Loong's counterpart would take a leaf or two from his conduct as a leader, prime minister and an elected representative of the people. 

In Malaysia the state of affairs are very different although Najib Razak the Prime Minister is embroiled in a far more serious scandal which is criminal in nature. 

1MDB's international financial scandal and the US Department of Justice (Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative unit) investigations is now world news. 

Malaysia's international image today is at its lowest ebb. Almost every international news outlets from Australia to Africa and Europe have been reporting the biggest kleptocracy scandal in the history of the USA. The root of the scandal is in Malaysia and Najib Razak is very much in the midst of it. DoJ has all the evidence.

Billions of ringgit in funds stolen from 1MDB have been laundered in the US and investigations show that RM2.6billion has made its way into Najib Razak's personal bank account. DoJ has also exposed a more than RM100 million pink diamond link to Najib's wife Rosmah.  

In Singapore the prime minister has apologised over a personal family feud and presented himself for public scrutiny but in Malaysia the embattled prime minister's lackeys are screaming at the top of their voice demanding to know who reported the crime to DoJ. 

In Singapore the prime minister has called on all Members of Parliament to scrutinise/debate the handling of his family feud and the matter's negative impact on his position and that of the government.

In Malaysia the Auditor General's report on 1MDB has been classified a secret under the Official Secrets Act although such classifications of an AG's report is unheard of and could most probably be against the constitution. 

The Speaker of Dewan Rakyat in the Malaysian parliament even threatened to quit if the 1MDB scandal was debated in the house. Any debate on the matter was later disallowed on the pretext of being subjudice. 

In Malaysia the prime minister is bending over backwards to politicise the 1MDB scandal although its is purely criminal in nature. 

The Attorney General who acts more like the prime minister's counsel has unilaterally cleared Najib Razak of any wrongdoing despite RM2.6 billion dollars making its way into Najib's personal account. 

A multi agency task force that initially investigated the 1MDB scandal was also disbanded and the then Attorney General sacked. 

Hsien Loong of Singapore too could have attempted to silence his critics and threaten to sue anybody who deliberated on his family feud on social media but he did not. Probably he didn't have anything to hide. 

The Singapore PM came out to clear the air because 'he is a public servant' but Najib has gone to court to argue that as prime minister he is not a public servant. 

In Malaysia exposing the 1MDB scandal and the theft of billions of ringgit in public funds is treated as crime. Whistle blowers and critics are taunted and hunted. 

Instead of wanting to nail the thieves who robbed the nation the ruling party's political operatives and lackeys are questioning who reported the crime. 

Whistle blowers are branded as traitors in a climate where truth is treated with contempt. 

Such is the tale of two prime ministers who are separated by a narrow body of water but a gaping difference in integrity.


The initial heading for this post was - 

How to be a man and a Prime Minister, by Lee Hsien Loong


Anonymous said...

Sekiranya UMNO dan BN tumbang selepas PRU 14 nanti,pastikan undang-undang negara dikembalikan. Sebagai rakyat saya menunggu jawapan daripada Apandi Ali,...berapa juta duit dedak yang beliau terima sebagai upah untuk mengkhianati negara.Buat sampai dia buka mulut dan mengaku.

Anonymous said...

And yet, yesterday MO1 was talking about how much PAS likes him for upholding Islam.

Anonymous said...

One a drop out playboy born with a silverspoon...and the other cambridge educated with strict upbringing and fought cancer......no comparison

Anonymous said...

The irony is that our neighbour PM, a kafir, understood clearly the Islamic principle of integrity and honesty.

I can't say the same with absolute surety about some of our own Muslim politicians. They no longer fear God?

zainal mokhtar said...

something someone can learn, not thousands of miles away but just next door

dt rahman pekan said...

the difference between them is just like chalk n cheese.

one is a gem of a prime minister n the other is a crime minister who is guided by a being that sees the world thru lights emanating from gems.

Anonymous said...


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What should I do?

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Lee's public statement about his on-going spat with his siblings.
Crisp. Frank. Prompt. Unemotional.
No threat. No warning. No name calling. No belittling. No stressing his jantanness or samsengness. No emotion. No overseas trips to take selfies with famous people. No invocation of muftis, ulamaks, god or religion.
In fact, he will now personally explain everything in the Parliament. He invites EVERY MP to ask questions about the matter.
To ensure that all MPs ask questions without fear or favour, he is LIFTING PARTY WHIP so that even MPs from his own party could grill him.
I have the highest respect and admiration for this man, if not for anything, for this public statement and the way he handles this.
Malaysia, despite its daily emphasise that it is the best in the world; god given; god chosen and is in fact a gift to all human kind, does exactly the opposite.
We ridicule people. We twist and turn. We punish. We label. We lie. We silence questioners. We scheme. We control. We hide. We secretise.
We blame.

Art Harun on FB

Unknown said...

You got to be Odd to be number one. MO1

Anonymous said...

Najib behaves like he does because he thinks Muslims will always prefer to shield a Muslim leader rather than admit that their Muslim leader is a stinking, colossal criminal. So far, he is mostly correct, correct, correct.

Unknown said...

Go to singapore

kampong lad said...

1. kalau pm bukan penjawat awam, apa jawatan dia, emperor?
2. bila berlaku membeli undi utk jawatan dlm umno baru dikatakan politik wang, bukankah rasuah itu perbuatan jenayah?

Anonymous said...

What a God awful mess we're in. How can this man, one who calls himself a prime minister of a country, not have an iota of guilt? Criminal minds do behave like that. Is it then that he was actually born a criminal?

Anonymous said...

Surat ini adalah respons kepada surat terbuka Presiden PAS, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang yang disiarkan di laman Facebook rasmi beliau.

Pada dasarnya saya setuju bahawa campur tangan asing tidak diperlukan dalam mengendalikan isu negara. Namun begitu, isu 1MDB tidak boleh dipukul sama rata seperti kes-kes yang lain.

Ini kerana skandal 1MDB telah melibatkan banyak negara termasuklah Singapura, Switzerland, Amerika Syarikat dan beberapa negara lain.

Tindakan badan undang-undang Amerika Syarikat atau disebut sebagai Jabatan Kehakiman (DoJ) adalah kerana wang 1MDB telah diselewengkan di dalam negara mereka dan melanggar undang-undang mereka. Oleh itu mereka mempunyai hak untuk bertindak dalam kerangka dan bidang kuasa mereka kerana kesalahan telah dilakukan dalam tanah Amerika Syarikat.

Ini bukan isu campur tangan. Ini isu hak Amerika Syarikat mengambil tindakan dalam negara demi memastikan kemungkaran tidak merebak di dalam negara mereka.

Tindakan undang-undang juga telah dilaksanakan ke atas individu-individu yang terlibat dengan penyelewengan wang 1MDB di Switzerland dan Singapura.

Jelas negara-negara ini tidak berkompromi dengan penyelewengan. Sepatutnya Malaysia sebagai negara Islam mengambil tindakan yang sama bagi mencegah kemungkaran daripada berleluasa. Namun begitu, sewaktu kes 1MDB dibuka, peguam negara. Bagaimana keadilan hendak diangkat?

Maka, saya pohon Abdul Hadi untuk bersama rakan pembangkang yang lain untuk mendesak pihak kerajaan untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini sendiri seperti saranan Abdul Hadi.

Saya juga berharap dan bersangka baik yang kenyataan Abdul Hadi ini bukan dicetuskan kerana tuduhan blogger pro-BN Raja Petra Kamarudin yang menuduh Ketua Pemuda PPBM, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman bersama-sama Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan Tun Daim Zainuddin membayar DoJ untuk mengeluarkan laporan. Ini kerana perkara ini telah kami nafikan pada sidang media baru-baru ini.

Semoga Allah memberkati Abdul Hadi.

Maaf Zahir Batin, Salam permulaan Syawal.