Thursday 15 June 2017

A workable and peaceful exit for Najib

1. There seems to be no end to it for Najib and the country, one crisis after another, the latest being the infighting in FELDA. It would seem more and more negative information is coming out which may implicate him, especially on the 1MDB saga, which the DOJ in the US (and perhaps in other countries too) is expected to pursue criminal proceedings against people close to him.

2. It does not matter who is right or wrong anymore, the country is heading towards a terrible economic slowdown and a major social political confrontation, which would benefit no one. The race/religious politics is going to complicate things more and make it easy for innocent people to suffer from violence and collateral damage. Past experiences from other countries suggest that a violent upheaval seeking vengeance and retribution may not be a sustainable answer and may bring more instability, which the country can ill-afford at this time.

3. A recent secret poll on the outcome of the next general election suggested that BN might lose badly. For example, it predicted that BN would only win in 3 states - Sarawak, Terengganu and Pahang.

4. Najib has implied openly on 8 June 2017 that he is facing much stress as the PM and he was not getting enough sleep, which would definitely have an adverse and severe effect on his health and well-being.

5. Najib must accept that enough is enough. The sooner the better for him and the country, before the situation gets out of control. Time and his health are not on his side as the deadline (August 2018) for the election draws closer. What if the secret poll is right and the tide turns against BN, by then and whatever “Plan B” he may have, may not work anymore? He is still in a good position to negotiate a workable and peaceful exit to save himself and his family and also to preserve whatever legacy that is left of his great father.

6. The whole world and the country is watching his every move closely and it is time that he must demonstrate responsibility, leadership, humility and common sense for the sake of the country and the safety of him and his family.

7. It may be now or never as history may also judge him harshly if he does not do the right things now and he ends up as the loser in the end.

8. There is a wise saying - “Always have a successful exit than a favourable entrance. Because what matters is not being clapped when we arrived, but being remembered when we leave.”

Note: The above is a jotting from a senior member of Barisan Nasional and an old friend of Najib who believes there is still room for manoeuvre. 


I know exactly how Najib will be remembered. 


Anonymous said...

Certain things that stinks you would rather not dwell on it. This one bugis-pirate gloats when BN won the 2 by-elections by saying Idi Amin Malaysia lebih popular...and that is exactly he would be hoping to emulate his idol escaping to Saudi Arabia!?

But, people would rather see this arrogant Bugis bastard do the time!

nenekghuffran said...

Najib akan diingati sebagai Bapa Pembangsat Negara dan Bangsa.
Nyahlah cepat Najib oi...makin lama rakyat makin benci. Jangan cuba2 nak lari ye ... kamu pasti akan digari..

Anonymous said...

To preserve his father's legacy - meaning
he'll have none, and whatever deeds his father has left for his offsprings to preserve, as alluded to by the writer, are already and will be squandered.

Does he know what it takes to be the PM? None, since all we get to hear are scandals. A bungling oaf who'll destroy this country with the free rein he's having in his hands.

Is he aware? No, he's in a trance as if under a spell.

Does he have any idea how his end will look like? None, don't expect a walking zombie to have any.