Sunday 1 March 2009


Keranamu Malaysia!

In exactly 30 days from today, this beloved nation of ours would once again be FREE!

FREE from the clutches of a lame-hypocrite duck and its band of lunatics who have tarnished and ruined this country from every possible aspect since October, 2003.

Whatever your political inclinations are, I’m sure you can’t deny the fact that the last five years has been the greatest nightmare for Malaysia.

When the evil-forces are finally kicked out, I pray that the new leadership would work hard to restore this beloved nation’s PRIDE and HONOUR!

God Bless Malaysia.

p/s Wondering how to celebrate THE DAY AFTER as the FOOLS would be out of THE office on April Fools Day!

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Anonymous said...

tak sabar2 menunggu 30 hari ini. But if the menantu does not lose the KP post, that would spoil the party. Don't rest your laurels!!!

Anonymous said...

Sangat menyokong anda. 100%

Down to people with heartless brain

Anonymous said...

don't be too quick mate, like HMB said, the menantu winning the KP post would spoil the party...also i don't believe it will be on the dot. Am sure they'll take time to move out...


Anonymous said...

Bro, you should put a COUNTDOWN CLOCK at the top of your blog!