Tuesday 22 December 2009

Mana Ada Pakatan - HADI AWANG

Say what you may but PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has been very consistent in his stand as a leader of the Islamist party.

Hadi, his deputy Nasharuddin and a few others from the second echelon of Pas are saying it once again, this time very bluntly, that PAS IS NOT INTERESTED IN PAKATAN.

Hadi and his boys have insinuated and said it out in not so many words before but the Nik Aziz-Anwar-Husam & boys (also known as Erdogans) have ridiculed the president.

After Husam suffered a humiliating defeat in the hands of Nasharuddin (for the deputy president's post), the Erdogans under the tutelage of Anwar mounted a covert operation to unseat Hadi and his deputy.

Nik Aziz, with external support from half-past-six political analyst like UIA's Aziz Bari, launched an open assault on Hadi.

Hadi survived and Nik Aziz fell to the ground like a 'nangka busuk' (rotten jackfruit) together with his SIL and a sulking blue-eyed chameleon ... AND now Hadi is STRIKING BACK.

READ the reports below.

Pakatan Rakyat will not register as a coalition for the moment

KUALA LUMPUR: Even though Pakatan Rakyat had successfully held its first convention on Saturday (19 Dec), PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said Sunday (20 Dec) that it is still not the ideal time for the three political parties to register as a coalition as they are having different political ideas.
“It is not the time for the three parties to register and PAS doesn't want to hastily make any registration decision,” said Hadi. - Sinchew.

A SECRETIVE, MalaysianMalaysia newsportal had a similar news - Hadi: Time not right to register Pakatan - but the page has since been missing. Try it again HERE.

Also read HERE how the compulsive LIAR to ridicules the PAS PRESIDENT and tries to pin the blame on the Registrar of Societies.
Anwar Ibrahim, you're a bloody liar and the whole world could see that now. That's why even your 'white' friends say you're the cameleon.

Whose Pakatan is it btw?

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Tam Dalyell said...

Should there be a "pakatan", as long as Anuar and Kit Siang is there, it shall ba a "pakatan" that rots before it's even incubated.

Hadi is wise. His actions denotes it's guided by Nour of Allah.

The longer the erdogan group is there, the faster it causes the spread of rot and decay of the body and soul, even though PAS is considered alive.

Anonymous said...

Hadi is one wise man. He can see that Anwar will have a lot of problem and will brings a lot of problem to pakatan, especially once his trial begins. Good move Pak Hadi becos Anwar will bring the stink once he goes to trial and PAS jangan tercalit dengan taik Anwar.