Tuesday 16 November 2010

DAP's democracy in Penang.

One of our readers posted the following comments in our previous posting and we THINK its a serious matter, which clearly exposes the Penang DAP state government's calculated rape of Democracy.

Below are the two comments -

1. APANAMA pls help here! See the below link!


And here is my response that they might not post!

This is a sham election! 300 people out of over 1.5 million?!? How does this count as democratic? Was there even provision to allow for 10,000 to vote? And if there was 10,000 would not even count!

The lack of mechanism provided by DAP to allow every person in every district to vote makes this an extremely tilted affair, a closed election!

I propose the entire election be carried out in a proper manner at once with ballot boxes in every district and constituency! Any NGOs ready to file suit? Where is the State Governor??? This is a farce! Bloody murder of democracy!

APANAMA - help to challenge this horror! And please, help to fight apartheid too!

Your concerned citizen,

2.How should this Local Council Election have been done?

1) Put out adverts (as they did) asking state citizens to nominate or apply for candidacy. The top 20 will be sent forms to fill in.

2) Candidates who reply and pass vetting will be put on a form. Send this form with that list of candidates to EVERY address in Penang asking them to nominate or apply for candidacy.

3) Wait 3 months for the recipients to post back this form with the selectable candidates.
This would cost 20 sen per letter to send making the cost 300K for Penang which has 1.5 million people. Or to absorb the cost, 50 sen in stamps must be sent in as well.

4) Counting begins. results posted in newspaper.

NOT get a bunch of cronies to effectively FIX the election by effectively not making elections available to the public! Someone should sue DAP!

Again, please end the APARTHEID as well!

"More than 300 people participated in an election organised by Penang Forum 3 (PG3) on 14 November 2010. The event was organised to elect five persons each to the MPPP and MPSP. These ten will then be nominated by PG3 as civil society representatives to the two local authorities.

Prior to voting, the participants listened to talks by a serving Councillor and by other Penang Forum representatives about issues related to local council governance. Then they listened to short speeches by all the 24 contestants.

The most interesting aspect of the day’s event was its 3-in-1 feature: an opportunity to learn about the local government issues, to meet and question the candidates, and only then to vote.

Elected to the MPPP were:

  • Teo Lee Ken
  • Lim Mah Hui
  • Chin Khuan Sui
  • Loh Swee Heong
  • Dalbinder Singh

Elected to the MPSP were:

  • Tiun Ling Ta
  • Sivagurupatham a/l S Vadivelu
  • Teng Kim Chew
  • Krishnan a/l Samiah
  • Ung Teow Hong
ALIRAN proudly reported that MALAY-FREE elections HERE, wgich was participated by 'more than 300 people" ... and if you read on you'll discover that the 300-odd voters are from 40-odd DAP-friendly associations.

So, 300-odd voters from 40 DAP-friendly dubious associations are going to decide the fate of the hundreds of thousands of people in Penang.

It's DAP-style Democratic rights and their own results are showing their MALAY-free chauvinist agenda.

God Bless Pulau Pinang.

p/s THANK YOU AgreeToDisagree
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Anonymous said...

somebody make police report.
Sue them and send to jail~

Anonymous said...

What LKY has to do with your post? I THINK you think I'm stupid. Hater.

Anonymous said...

Get the KOMTAR Trader's Association and 86 Gambier Residents who were threatened to vote that this EXCO election is a farce. They opinion of 300 traders + 86 Threatened Families would cause the election to be null and void!

The Gambier Threat - Mid 2010

So they were late to vote? That does not mean their vote can be ignored or does not count! I bet even APANAMA could find 300 friends to vote APANAMA himself as an EXCO COuncillor!

Anonymous said...