Saturday 11 December 2010

Kampung Buah Pala - Revisited.

Just watch this video again and think for yourself, my fellow Anwar-loving Malaysians. Please help us free this country from that EVIL.

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vinnan said...

You UMNO pieces of shit started the problem and now that someone else have cleaned up your mess, you people are too uncivilised to even say thank you. Kurang ajar betul.

Anonymous said...

Truth hurts and it hurts real bad when the God-sent one is a liar.
What! September 16 again?

Wake UP! said...

vinnan. Your name suggested you are an Indian. Your race are full of robbers that robbed other people of their wealth. So shut up!

I seems to remember a certain Datuk Sosilawati being battered to death by a certain Indian lawyer of the pariah caste.

Live in a zoo Namewee.

Anonymous said...

Ya venom @ 3:20pm should watch the video titled PERJUANGAN MELAYU BUKAN RASIS by non other than sodomite at

hee hee hee

P.S. watch his conviction and PASSION

Anonymous said...

You pariah vinnan ....

Anonymous said...

poor poor vinnan (venom)

your only harapan anwar had lost credibility

kesian hero dia ni sekarang zero