Tuesday 14 December 2010

JUDGES CONVINCED before Wikileaks Leaked!

To summarise our judgment, even though reading the appeal record, we find evidence to confirm that the appellants were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen, sometime, this court, as a court of law, may only convict the appellants if the prosecution has successfully proved the alleged offences as stated in the charges, beyond reasonable doubt, on admissible evidence and in accordance with established principles of law. We may be convinced in our minds of the guilt or innocence of the appellants but our decision must only be based on the evidence adduced and nothing else. – Sept 2, 2004.


Hakim Mahkamah Persekutuan (FEDERAL COURT)





Note : Of the three learned judges(above), two agreed to set aside the conviction while another disagreed. So, it wasn’t an unanimous decision to reverse the High Court decision.

AS the above refers, we don't need Lee Kuan Yew or Wikileaks to tell us that Anwar Ibrahim is a bisexual (sodom-mee included) who loves good looking young boys to satisfy his lust!

Way back in 2004 the Federal Court of Malaysia had re-affirmed a High Court finding that Anwar did engage in homosexual activities in Tivoli Villa Bangsar circa 1993 to 1995. His conviction was overturned purely based on technicality i.e. a contradiction with the date and time of his forced "backdoor-entry".

What we do know then and was confirmed by the Wikileaks expose via Australia's Sydney Morning Herald is that the US secret service in CIA and FBI and their lackey Britain plus the sheriffs in Australia and Singapore knew of Anwar Ibrahim and his dark side from day one.

They couldn't possibly have missed it because some of the earlier "Sex Traps" were set by them in their country while our charming Prime Minister wannabe was courting them.

Instances of the charming PM wannabe missing for a couple of days while in US are not news among the diplomatic circle, then. Instances of the anus-addict frequenting a neighbouring nation for a "quick-fix" is not news among the intelligence fraternity now.

So, the BIG question is why didn't the US, British or (closer to home) the island republic of Singapore's leadership expose what they knew about Anwar all this while?

Why did they back him all this while and often portrayed the Malaysian Government and its leaders in bad light?

Could it be because they were hoping for him to be the Prime Minister so that they could hold him by his balls and turn Malaysia into another of their lackeys?

Are they beginning to sing now since the horse they were betting on all this while has screwed itself big time and has no chance of survival?

I guess even God is sick and tired of his lies. Even the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac have come a full circle since his sacking in 1998 but he is yet to show any signs of regret or intention to repent.

The Wikileaks leak on Anwar Ibrahim is not the beginning, its the Beginning of The End for the "God-sent".

Taubatlah Saudara Anwar Ibrahim!

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Anonymous said...

"Could it be because they were hoping for him to be the Prime Minister so that they could hold him by his balls and turn Malaysia into another of their lackeys?"

Indeed, this is what the western world want it to be. Not only hold his balls, but his balls will be squeezed if he refuse to go along with them.


Anonymous said...

Good writing and a brilliant analysis Sir.

Arif Omar said...

taubatlah dsai. jijah oii. nasihatkanlah laki anda untuk bertaubat sementara masih ada peluang dan masa. amin

Anonymous said...


Find the evidence and prepare the case, I will corroborate any evidence against Chow.

But please, make at least this sphere of life a neutral ground. In the future as well.

Yours on this,

An Avid Reader

Anonymous said...

Wikibocor transcript

Thank You x12
Thank You Uncle for coming over
Your visit is really inspirational to me and DAP but....but
Wa don't believe one ,but Uncle ade heard anything of AI main balakang?

of courser we do young man ,we knew it all along through our surveillance in S'pore during his visits and Malaysia through phone tapping.You better shut up ,once PKR win and Malay came to know they would overthrow him themselves...then one day this will be all yours.

Waaaaaawaaa u are so smart one Uncle

But the best if we can go on without the public knowing about it .If we are holding the AI's family jewels, he is beholden to us in all his decisions if he were a Malaysian PM
Before you say anything, Of course i know that i am very smart Son/Comrade ,you are none the lesser.

By the way how was the circumcision?

You know one about that too Uncle????

of course,nothing escape us.We know that Dr WTF operated on you on 19th dec/ 2008after the election ,as you promise to potong if you win and PKR took your bet literally.
The Fact that DR WTF was using absorble suture catgut and diathermy setting at 40 coagulation with 3 cc of lignocine and marcine without adrenalin so as not to risk gangrenous tip was reported to us too.

.We also know that the SN Dorothy who attended to the wound on followup screaming and cried and took great pity upon you for all the suffering you have to undergo to become a accepted leader in Malaysia.

wa malu lo Uncle
nothing my dear Son/Comrade ,am doing you a favor,besides your father and me go a loooong way.

LGE: TQ uncle, your word of wisdom I shall treasure

But one more thing , if personal experience count up to much, and I am being humble here which is a rarity,your idea of being Khalifah Omar Abdullah and all is stretching a bit too far and can backfired too.

why Uncle?

Call my Comrade ok?
His reign was only 2 years with such accomplishment and your 2 years is all gone,mind you.

Like that one huh uncle?...ehhehe Comrade
(this old man think he is still young or what????)


End of part one

Anonymous said...

WikiBocor Part II

You might think I don't like growing old ,but you must be focus in setting your stretegy .By the way am seeing DNA in Kelantan tmrw anything?

( cilaka he even now what I am thinking ..his spy is everywhere)
Oooo yes, pl don't tell DNA about AI backlane story and I how I knew about it all along.He was a nice old man and very concern about my little bird healing process.Say thank for his gamat oil and doa

Ok take care Comrade and by the way ,Dorothy breast was 400 cc mentor implant and she forgave you .
And to your question to her ,the answer is YES,,her favorite bra color is pink and it was a D cup.
She promise that she won't tell that to anybody except me and me had to dictate that to my external affair minister as sometime my memory fail me too.

Rest assured though , I clearly warned him not to minute iit and labelled it as highly classified information as your reputation is very important to us.

Bye bye Comrade


(ohhh Dorothy why lah you why la you

The theme song as LKY walk away was played in the background ....." killing me softly,softly with this song........"


Anonymous said...

In all fairness, everyone must know that Anwar's orientation cannot be blamed on Anwar alone as the basis and even impulse that drove him in all previous and Saiful's case does not truly arise from within himself.

It could be that 90% of current bisexuals or homosexuals are products of manipulative social-stalking programmes, neurolinguistic intent and sub-aural or EMF frequency grooming.

Do not even accuse Anwar. He in fact has been groomed into this, albeit on an unnoticeable level to be used as a tool of sabotage in case he grew too independent, which he did. This is the dimension of justice and element of consideration that nullifies the entire case, not that LGBT itself should be persecuted either for those naturally occurring cases.

The legal system and education system has failed to warn or protect us from such manipulations. This is a non-case and any self respecting judge or Minister should know to corroborate such factors as well instead of feign ignorance.

Human civilisation has fallen to a wretched state today, even religious institutions have used these things to profit off the suspecting citizentry. Be aware of what is happening and those with any ethics would work to expose the technology or methods used against our fellow human beings in this manner.