Sunday 27 March 2011

Outsiders + Insider = FDI

The new FDI  -  Foreign Direct Interference.

I wouldn't want to use this 'famous since 1998' word but the thing is there are no other similar words to describe the ongoing onslaught against Malaysia and Sarawak in particular.  It's a conspiracy.

We know the agenda of our concerned foreign purveyors of absolute freedom and unbridled democracy, so naturally pseudo environmentalist are in the forefront.

Swiss based Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) is one of the bigger players in this "Sarawak project". 

BMF is a thriving fund with billions of USD in its coffers. Western governments are among their funders.

As the name says it clearly, the fund was owned (I wonder who actually owns it now) by its Swiss founder and president Bruno Manser. 

BMF is an environmental NGO, or so they say, with billions of dollars in funds. 

Bruno Manser was at one time roaming the jungles of Borneo (Sarawak and Kalimantan) to convert the natives to be environmentalist. 

But many now suspect that the "Penan project" then was an international PR initiative to draw attention to his NGO in Switzerland.

To date BMF has not done anything tangible to better the life of the Penans or any of the 27 different tribes in Sarawak. 

The hero-worshipped Bruno Manser may not be a bad guy after-all, for he has fathered a few children while being close to the (naive) nomadic Penans of Baram and Belaga.     

Bruno Manser is nowhere to be found now but BMF is making more money in conjunction with the Sarawak elections, and most interestingly they have a British bunch as partners. 

This is a well planned conspiracy among parties with vested interests, that's what it is!

Its a conspiracy, the real one (not the God sent type).

Read NST columnist Syamsul Akmar's WMD below. 

"Taib will face the people of Sarawak if he is guilty of what he is accused of. But to have the likes of Clare and Brown parlance on the moral high horse and judge him or BN is indeed nauseating.

Clare may or may not be a liar but Brown, someone proven to be prepared to support a liar, supports her. 

Brown had helped Blair make a mess of Iraq. Should anyone not be suspicious that he may be supporting Clare to mess up Sarawak?

What the Browns need to do to gain some credibility is to clean up their own mess and expose the war crimes of the Blair administration that led to the murders of the thousands of innocents in Iraq as well as the environmental disaster.

That done, the Browns should start apologising to Sarawakians and Malaysians for the crimes committed by the British government and the White Rajahs against their former colony. Maybe, they can help return what their forefathers had robbed and plundered. " - Shamsul Akmar.

p/s More information on the links between BMF, Brown, Blair, environmentalist, anti-palm oil lobbyist, our local 'heroes' and their politics plus the funds the have received so far, their anti-Govt projects, etc etc flowing in ..... I'll try to keep you guys posted.

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rocky bru-no said...

Follow the money. How much does Bruno Manser Fund have to date. Siapa bagi? How has it been spent?

And the many NGOs fighting for the woods and the trees, the flora and fauna in Sarawak.

Were are they getting their funds from? And why? Sarawak's timber record is excellent and the lot of its bumis is well taken care of, unlike the aborigines and the red indians. So what's their real agenda?

Asaz said...

greetings, i am newbie from Bogor Indonesia

Anonymous said...

see who's talking...

the west should look back at their own ancestors who manipulated & robbed our riches in the archipelagoes long time ago which had caused lots of sufferings...

what have they done with their forests? have they been fair to the native people & all...

ask the west to start planting their own trees to help save the environment rather than cursing us developing our land coz we too, would like to taste our own riches..

how long have they been depriving us from becoming rich like them???

or still, better ask the west to just shut up for they never care about our welfare or environment when they can easily send troops of army & sophisticated arms to bring down the governments which they are not in favour with! they had done this before and will continue to do so till all the rest become weak...