Saturday 13 August 2011

FREE MALAYSIA TODAY - Deplorable, provocative and simply disgusting

The above is a screenshot of the comment section of online news portal FreeMalaysiaToday. 

The article which drew such dastardly comments insulting Nabi Muhammad, Islam and the Malays was concerning a Friday protest led by Senator Ezam  Mohd Nor , Independent MP Datuk Zulkifli Noordin and a few hundred others outside the Shah Alam mosque.

The protest was basically aimed at the failure of Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim to protect the interest of Muslims and the sanctity of Islam in the wake of the illegal Damansara Utama Methodist Church fiasco.

Ezam or the other speakers at the brief protest might have made fiery speeches and warned pro-Opposition news portals Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini (as alleged) but does that warrant the Editors at Free Malaysia Today to publish such 'deplorable, provocative and simply disgusting' comments targeted at ISLAM, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and Muslims? 

Is this not raw provocation? 

The recurrence of such blatant provocation and gross contempt for Islam and Muslims in this country lately is truly worrying.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussien has had a fair share of criticism, ridicule and outright condemnation for his perceived tendency of just reprimanding and warning those who blatantly breach the existing laws that ensure peace, security and stability in our multiracial, multi religious country.

If all the Home Ministry could do is warn those who are threatening our society with such blatant disregard to the sensitivity of Islam, Malays and Muslims, how could we blame the critics?

I'm sure such a CRIME doesn't demand or require political considerations.

... and I hope those who are hellbent on testing the patience of Muslims in this Holy Month of Ramadan do not continue to play with fire, and live to regret it later. 

p/s  Those derogatory comments published in FreeMalaysiaToday, are they from our 'loving and caring' Christian brethren, or is the signature of extremist among them? 

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GoldTrex said...

Tuan Apanama

Please let us have the transcript of what has been written. The entry had been removed from the RMT website.

We cannot read your screen grab. Too blurred.

It seems they have chicken.

What la -- if FMT had allowed sludge to be posted on its website, it should be COCK enough to defend it.

Anonymous said...

well...the guy does not know what he is dealing with..let him do what he please.some day when this bastard died,he will know the truth n he will regret what he said.ALLAH almighty have something for everyone :) his will be as painful as he can never imagine.we dont hv to retaliate by saying bad things to prophet Isa.oh by the way,JESUS is not Isa..the guy they claimed Jesus is actually Judas.let them become blind till the die.

Anonymous said...

Most probably written by UMNO Cybertroopers, la.

Just look at the comments and their blogs and everyone knows they don't have any other work except paid to stir up all these emotions of ordinary people in other people's blog. I'm sure MCMC if they want can check their IPs or remain quiet to let it continue.

What a Humbug!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:58,

How convenient! Blame it all on UMNO!

I suppose you're from UMNO as well and this is some kind of reverse psychology thing, eh?


Anonymous said...

First time I've heard of this Blog? News portal? Do they review comments before allowing them to be posted or are comments just posted directly? I don't think any right thinking person (Christian or otherwise) would comment in such a manner. Probably an aggitator who wants to cause more tension. Even in Rocky's Bru there are such commentators who spew filth against the Christians, Chinese, Malays etc. I think that ALL blogs etc should censure such comments.

haneefa said...

It is very sad to know that some Malaysians still leave in the stone age where doing crusades were still in fashion. I hope this is an opinion of the minority, else we are doomed!

izad12 said...

since fmt published the comment,isn't it correct to assume they shared the same belief?extremely only hope is, this senile comment was never published but knowing the tendency of fmt,i'm not totally surprised.

Anonymous said...

there is a saying that say 'if you are playing with fire, you will be burned'..this is what FMT is doing..they are trying to play with religion sentiment..they are trying to provoke tension between Islam and Christian..this is totally disgusting..this is totally seditious..the KDN should take immediate action before this matter get out of hand

Anonymous said...

Anyone can post comments and intentionally make it provocative and attribute it to others.
Only UMNO bloggers can be devious to post seditious and offensive comments and attribute it to someone else so that they can creat trouble, and the authorities are in complicity because they know!

Anonymous said...

apanama, apanama apanama

Anonymous said...

This is what happen when we have weak Home minister like hishamuddin