Friday 1 June 2012

PKR scrambled...

 AZMIN asked to go on leave?
Blogger Raja Petra aka RPK's latest expose about PKR deputy president Azmin Ali and his wife Shamsidar Taharin's whopping RM30 million asset is actually an old story but RPK has undoubtedly added great value to the 20 year-old scandal.

This opening of the Pandora's box with documentary proof of the Anti-Corruption Agency (now MACC)'s investigation papers has certainly put Azmin in a precarious position.

Touted as PKR's president in-waiting, the Anwar Ibrahim-blue-eyed-boy could be facing his toughest challenge, both from the law of the land and from within his own party.

MACC has re-opened Azmin's files but his political foes within PKR  appear to be eager to close Azmin's file in PKR. 

PKR insiders aligned to a certain Pakatan Rakyat Mentri Besar and those within party president Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah's inner circle have started throwing stones at Azmin's glass house.  

A party insider close to the PKR family claimed that Nurul Izzah's parents have had serious quarrels about this latest expose.

'It has opened Kak Wan's old personal wound. Party leaders who know the inside story (of the Anwar/Azmin/Shamsidar relationship) are with the president. 

"Kak Wan has not openly echoed it but those within the inner circle seem eager to force Azmin to go on leave. Some have even started printing the documents exposed by RPK and started distributing them among PKR members," the lawyer in her 30s said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
The recent 'ice-cream' video issue has also resurfaced in the minds of many who favour Nurul Izzah over Azmin in the party.

While those in BN may be equally eager to launch political pot-shots at the PKR deputy president, Azmin Ali's greatest enemies seem to be lurking around him within his own party, and his president may not be with him this in the past. 
Raja Petra has scrambled the "father-mother-daughter & friends" party so bad that they may want to change their name from PKR to RPK.
p/s I'm sure Malaysians (especially those graft fighters in PKR, Pas, DAP, Bersih and the Bar Council) would want to hear former ACA director general Datuk Shafee Yahaya's story about WHY he allegedly closed Azmin's case.

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Anonymous said...

What is Azmin Ali's RM30 million as compared to Shahrizat of RM250 million? Apa lu cerita beb?

Anonymous said...


Apanama Ni Dah Jadi Ridiculous?!


Anonymous said...

cleverboy, dont forget, 250juta is a loan..
30juta is obviously a corruption!!!

Anonymous said...

When will Lim Kit Siang call for a Royal Commission into this? Surely he could nominate himself to be one of the RCI members?


Kakiku said...

Apa lu crita beb? Rm 250 juta tu pinjaman yang dia orang masih kena bayar beb.... itu RM 30 juta sudah kena sapu licin beb...!!!!

Anonymous said...

whatever i will vote for BN, I least they have the track record that PR dont have, the only track record that PR have and blue and blue