Monday 29 October 2012

Beat the jam

The FatCat..ooops BigCat from down south has put on record something a big majority of road users experienced over the weekend.
Basically the problems are :-

1.Too many cars on our roads and highways at the same time. The traffic congestion was not only confined to the highways as the trunk routes were as bad, if not worse. 

2. Irresponsible drivers/road users who break every possible traffic law and defy common sense while on the road ... from road hogging, parking indiscriminately and ... basically driving like morons on holiday. 

3. Poor service of highways operators (i.e. sickening or rather lack of traffic management/booth at toll plaza), particularly PLUS and the other operator of the East Coast highway.

Horrible jam - do something, please
Was caught in the horrible traffic jam at the highway on my way back to KL after the long weekend yesterday. What was supposed to be a three and a half hour drive lasted almost nine hours. That was continuous driving except for a single pit stop for fuel.

It was fortunate that I decided to make a detour off the highway to filled up the tank when I realised how bad the jam was going to be. The first RnR area of the highway  where I had wanted to stop for fuel were packed. Later on I saw quite a number of cars stopping on the emergency lane, probably because they ran out of fuel. - BigCat

How do we sort this out? 

Building new highways or widening the existing ones would be 'mega projects' that would be yelled at on the streets and shot down by our holier than thou politicians. 

For some mega projects = waste of rakyats money.

Introducing a tested high-tech surveillance and enforcement mechanism like the AES on our roads is made to appear like a sin. 

Some very intelligent politicians cry that AES is about squeezing hard earned money out from the rakyat, so its a bad idea. (doesn't matter that you only face the music if you break the law)

So, what else do we do apart from getting PLUS and gang to practice their CSR where and when it really matters? 

Could abolishing taxes on cars, as suggested by another bunch of intelligent politicians, solve this traffic problem of ours?  

You tell me!

I think we should seriously consider cleaning up our rivers and waterways, and put more sampan on them. :-)

p/s Thank god Mat Sabu is not Transport Minister.

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Anonymous said...

Mana High Speed Rail project? Why the delay?

Just build one running along all the toll highways from N to S and E to W and besok guarenti jam semua hilang.

Anonymous said...

May be AES to start detecting very slow moving vehicle too so that ...

mitchell said...

If public transport and High Speed Rail services are top notch, the jam can be beaten....
But there again the mentality of Malaysians, almost every one has a car, maybe becoz the bus and train services are not good..but plan your timing and journey. By the way, I face this every Fridays going down south and Sundays coming back to the city.
Jangan lah macam ni pun nak blame politicians!!!

Tanduk Dua said...


Yesterday I was driving from Kuantan to Putrajaya. I left from Kuantan about 10.45am. In the hot noon near exit Lancang. suddenly the cars in front slowing and then stopping, moving very slow, then stop again. Repeatedly until you see signed of toll Karak about 12km away.

The jammed is due to takes almost 1 hour for 12km to reach toll...

Please lah, the highway operator, please TAKE ACTION. I believe this is not the first time...

Anonymous said...

how about selling lemang by the edge of road where it is already cordoned off for mrt? why no action by authorities?

BIGCAT said...

I'm not fat, ok? Teruk sangat orang itu....hehehe

Anonymous said...

Is BigCat anything like BigDog? I don't want to ask her lah. She may be in denial, so I'm asking Apanama.