Saturday 31 August 2013

Malaysiaku Berdaulat Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku


While praying for the continuous peace and prosperity, lets also offer our prayers to all those who sacrificed their life to this beloved nation of our. Al-Fatihah.
Let us pray Malaysia will continue to be blessed with peace, prosperity and a harmonious populace glued by mutual respect and a higher level of sanity. 

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Anonymous said...

AllahuAkbar. Semoga Allah berkati negara tercintaku dan memohon perlindongan dari munafiq2 yg sedang bermaharajalela d bumi yg penoh barakah.
Salam merdeka.

chinoz said...

Sir, Malaysians of all colour & creed have sacrificed for this beloved nation of ours. Some made the supreme sacrifice, giving their lives in defence of the motherland so that future generations can live in peace and harmony. Lets continue the legacy of our founding fathers & share the responsibility of buiding up this nation, in peace and in war.