Tuesday 20 August 2013

Pingat KEDAULATAN Negara for Dummies

I'm sure the pictures above would bring back a wide range of memories of Ops Sulu - Ops Daulat in Lahad Datu Sabah. 

Ops Sulu, which was later re-named Ops Daulat due to local sensitivities, was launched after a bunch of foreign funded lunatics presumably under the control of a crazy old man (who thinks he is the Sultan of Sulu and the rightful owner of Sabah) invaded Kampung Tanduo near Lahad Datu. The intruders were armed and our security forces (at that point of time confined to PDRM personnel) quickly cordoned the area.

Due to reasons and instruction which can't be spelled out here, the approved approach at that point of time was to end the stand-off without any bloodshed. Emissaries were dispatched to Manila and a few other locations to negotiate for those bunch of lunatics to leave Kampung Tanduo without any untoward incident. 

We realised a little too late that these were not a bunch of ordinary lunatics but part of a bigger scheme of things orchestrated from a different level. That is a different story to be told on another day.

The 'restraint' imposed on the security forces was only lifted after those bunch of lunatics, or rather their snipers, killed two of our VAT69 police commandos in a 'white flag' incident.   

That sparked an all out WAR to weed out those barbaric Sulu intruders, either dead or alive. That was the beginning of Ops Daulat. 

In the end, 8 police officers and 2 soldiers were killed while many were scarred for life. (One of the soldier was killed in an accident while transporting food supply to the battle ground).

At least one stupid politician had claimed that Ops Daulat was the government playacting but many children lost their father, wives became widows overnight and parents lost their sons. It was heart wrenching just looking at their face at the TUDM base in Subang when they turned up to receive the remains of their loved ones. 

We cried watching this video on the 206th Police Day.  

When Ops Daulat was nearing its closure and the Eastern Sabah Security Command was in place, someone with a big heart in the Home Ministry came with the idea of recognising all those who gave their life and limb to protect this nation of ours. Non-security personnel who risked their lives were also to be included for the award. 

The Pingat Kedaulatan Negara was then created, after careful deliberations of its shape, color and etc. 

Initially it was awarded to the kin of our HEROES who gave their lives for Malaysia. Those family members stood up and received the PKN medals with great honor and pride, many from the Prime Minister himself. 

PKN was also awarded for those policemen and soldiers who were injured during Ops Daulat. Later on it was extended to selected policemen and soldiers who had directly or indirectly played a role in the battle field. 

The award was in recognition of selfless contribution during Ops Daulat.

But recently Pingat Kedaulatan Negara was cheapened by none other than the Prime Minister himself... via the professionalism of his Press Secretary Datuk Akmar Hisham and the Director General of the Information Department Datuk Ibrahim Abdul Rahman. 

I heard Home Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi was also aware of the stupid... DAMN BLOODY STUPID idea of awarding the same Pingat Kedaulatan Negara to more than TWO HUNDRED media personnel who were on duty in Lahad Datu during Ops Daulat. 

Both the PM's Press Secretary and the publicity savvy Information DG had also awarded Pingat Kedaultan Negara for themselves... and yes it was pinned on them by none other than the PM himself.

Datuk Ibrahim Abdul Rahman of the Information Department
The criteria for PKN? You (media) must have been on duty at the Felda Resort in Felda Sahabat (where the media centre was located) for a minimum of three days. 

It is NOT STUPID to recognise the contribution of the media personnel, including the drivers, lighting man, technicians,  those audio guys, make-up artists and all their bosses from Sabah to Putrajaya, and even those MAS/AirAsia pilots who flew the media to KK/Lahad Datu from KL. 

They should have been given Letter of Appreciation by the Prime Minister or the Information Minister... FULL STOP! 
Awarding Pingat Kedaulatan Negara, the same medal which was awarded to the fallen Heroes, to every Tom, DICK and Harry is not only STUPID but its an act of betrayal.

Don't you guys give a damn about the feelings of the children, wives, siblings and parents of those policemen and soldiers who died for this nation?  You guys have no sense of shame?

I was told earlier today that the same Press Secretary wants to pacify those who have been criticising him. It seems he was planning to get the PM to award them (critics) the same PKN medals. 

You see how idiots think and behave. People are questioning your stupidity not because they didn't get the PKN medal lah BODOH! 

PKN is exclusive for our security personnel and selected civilians who are deemed to have played pivotal/vital role during our war in Lahad Datu. 

I also heard that there are plans, by some politicians in position of power, to award more Pingat Kedaulatan Negara to civilians, village heads... and maybe political leaders at branch, division and other levels in Sabah. 

I hope Home Minister DS Zahid will step up and stop any further abuses of such nature by self-centered beings in the administration.

Don't humiliate our Royal Malaysian Police and Armed Forces personnel by awarding every Tom, DICK and Harry with medals meant for heroes. TQ   

p/s Taubat lah ketika masih berkesempatan!

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SiKenit said...

Mungkin pada asalnya dicadangkan Pengat Kenangkaan Negara kut.....

Setiausaha Akhbar PM dan KP Penerangan salah dengor....

Anonymous said...

its all bout politik, my friends. my father once a ketua kampung more than 20 years and bring glory to the kampung, did'nt get even single pingat from state govt. but, i'm the reporter only 3 years working in the state, have been offered pjk, that i refused to accept. that's why i hate politician

Anonymous said...

Bro Apanama, KPN dan Panglima Angkatan Tentera ada dikurniakan PKN ke tidak?


maae said...

Pingat Kedaulatan Negara yang begitu rendah martabat nya. Sehingga mengiktiraf pihak lawan yang berwacana mengikut skrip berbisa...

Nazri kata otak cowdung. Bila otak cowdung di jelmakan jadi pejuang, maka nilai pengorbanan yang mati di medan perang, yang mempertahankan kedaulatan negara,setaraf sampah yang mengotorkan laluan pejalan kaki mereka yang menuju mahligai binaan mereka....

Sekarang kita di pukau, di suruh mempercayai yang benar tidak semesti nya benar dalam persepsi kebenaran pemalsuan !

Pasquale said...

I am with you Firdaus, the pingat should only be given to real heroes namely the security forces who sacrificed their lives for the country, reporters should only be given a letters of commendation where they can frame them.

Anonymous said...

This is total insult to the Security Forces.

Anonymous said...

this wont happen after pru 14.

Anonymous said...

Macam ni lah peranan blogger yang amat disukai ramai.

Tulisan berdasarkan fakta dan persepsi rakyat.

Anonymous said...

dah lama saya tunggu top bloggers macam tuan bincangkan isu ini.
Akhirnya keluar juga. Syukur. Tolong besarkan gambar mereka yang di atas yang tergamak melacurkan pengiktirafan ke atas pengorbanan nyawa anggota polis dan tentera kita.
I blaim this to ah jib gor yang telah hilang deria rasanya dan sifat kepemimpinannya. Mana pergi perasaan kamu bila menghadiahkan pingat milik pejuang negara ini kepada lembu, kambing dan keldai?

Anonymous said...


Exactly my sentiments when i learnt of the award thru the media. Another signal things are going downhill in our administration. PM's press aide showing his stupidity is one thing. But betraying the memory of our fallen heroes is unforgiveable!

Ex-press officer

Anonymous said...

wooohuuuuu......maaf...pm idak tau kew...kew najib mcm dollah...lena dibuai kata2 indah...pm tak semak sendiri kew....penat dapat pm yg lepas tangan....haissssh....penat penat penat...najib nih mmg jenis pemalas nk bukak internet kew....haih..penat penattttttt......mmg najib tidak belajar apa apa selama dia jd menteri........yg dia tau gayang kerusi susuh salam jew gamaknyew...maaf lah...geram sgt sgt sgt....

Anonymous said...

Salam bro, fyi

Pingat Kedaulatan Negara (PKN) merupakan pingat penghargaan khas diwujudkan untuk anggota-anggota keselamatan dan kakitangan awam yang berjuang dan memberi khidmat sokongan dalam Op Daulat di Lahad Datu Sabah.
Mesyuarat Jemaah Menteri pada 3 April 2013 telah bersetuju meluluskan cadangan pewujudan pingat khas kepada anggota keselamatan, kakitangan awam dan lain-lain yang terlibat dalam Op Daulat di Sabah.
Seri Paduka Baginda yang di-Pertuan Agong telah mengampuni limpah perkenan penzahiran Pingat Kedaulatan Negara (PKN)pada 9 April 2013.
Menteri Dalam Negeri mempunyai kuasa dalam membuat peraturan-peraturan, cara-cara pengurnian pingat dan bagi pembatalan, pengungkaian dan pengembalian semula pengurnian pingat.
Bahagian Khidmat Pengurusan dan Aset KDN bertanggungjawab dalam menjaga daftar rekod senarai penerima pingat.

amru said...

Anon 11:58:00 AM,

Please, no motherhood statement.
We are not kids.

Apanama said...

Dear Anon:11.58

Terima kasih kerana memberi sedikit penjelasan berhubung Pingat Kedaulatan Negara. Sepertimana yang saudara/saudari maklumkan, nampaknya hanya Menteri Dalam Negeri boleh memperbetulkan ketidakadilan melampaui batas kepada anggota keselamatan ini.
Saya berharap Menteri Dalam Negeri akan mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya, dengan penuh kewarasan, untuk mengembalikan maruah anggota keselamatan kita, terutamanya yang terkorban demi negara ini.
Menteri Dalam Negeri juga harus memberi jaminan agar tindakan sedemikian tidak akan berulang. Itu, mengikut penjelasan saudara, termaktub dalam bidang kuasa Menteri Dalam Negeri.


Ex-Army said...

Bro, our fallen heroes that had died and injured during the confrontation do not deserve the medal. The value of the medal is too small compared to their sacrifice to our country.

The PKN Medal is equivalent to the pingat pertabalan sultan or pingat peristiwa only.

Pingat Pertabalan usually given to those who involved in an event or such occasion. From chefs, drivers, entourage, officers, police, army, protocols and communication officer will receive these kind of medal.

It is an insult if you were to suggest, our fallen heroes to be awarded a mere PKN medal. It seems that that you are not aware of the status of the medal itself.

Our heroes should be given a medal called Panglima Gagah Berani (PGB), and Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP). As be given to Datuk Kanang Anak Langkau and others.

It has been given to more 100 personnel who had received the PGB medal, including one civilian.

The SP Medal, maybe considered to be given to those who killed many of the Kiram's terrorist.

The Home Minister and the minister of Defence should discuss this particular matter in honor of our heroes.

My opinion is that, the PKN medal is too small of a matter to be given too many thoughts. What I understand is that the medal will be given to more than 2,000 people, who were involved in the confrontation according to the stages.

So, we should respect those who received the medal. Including all of the "makcik's" who have given everything they got to cook and clean for the victims in the Lahad Datu confrontation.

One more thing, you should respect our media friends who had risked their life reporting from ground zero.

You as a former reporter should understand that this medal from the YDPA is much more valuable than just a letter of recognition.

Anonymous said...

Jangan salah faham. Pingat ini, kecik sangat nilainya. Dan tak layak pun diberikan kepada seorang pahlawan. Untuk pahlawan sebenar, kita perlu bagi pingat Panglima Gagah Berani dan Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa.

Kedua-dua pingat ini ada elaun bulanan yang bernilai ribuan ringgit. Wang ini boleh digunakan untuk sara hidup balu dan anak-anak anggota pasukan keselamatan yang terkorban.

Adalah satu kesilapan sekadar memberi wira kita yang terkorban atau cedera dengan pingat PKN yang kecil nilainya ini.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:25 & 4:29 - Don't declare your stupidity publicly by spelling it out here. If you happen to be from the media, go do some research. If you are the stupid press secretary's lapdog..go do what you do best.

Anak Bentayan said...

Pingat Kedaulatan Negara ialah utk anggota keselamatan, yg mengambil risiko luar biasa dalam keadaan amat getir.

Jauh sekali banding dgn wartawan & petugas media, termasuk mereka yg menjalankan tugas tugas sokongan kepada Jab Penerangan & RTM Sabah semasa 'Ops Sulu' & 'Ops Daulat'. Keadaan yg mereka tempuh mungkin patut diklassifikasi sebagai 'Amat Kurang Selesa'.

Peranan, sumbangan & paling penting pengorbanan dua pihak ini macam busut dgn gunung.

Ibrahim & Akmar ni jelas sudah hilang pertimbangan, jika tidak pedoman mereka yg dalam tugas & kapasiti mereka. Sampai dah tak boleh beza antara 'kayu rul' dgn 'kayu ela'.

Satu hari esok, sekupang dgn sehinggit pun mereka bilang nilainya sama.

P/S: tumpang tanya, pemandu mereka masa kat Lahad Datu hari tu dapat pingat PKN atau tak?

Anonymous said...

Pihak SPRM harus menyiasat Akmar Setiausaha Akbar Perdana Menteri ni. Saya dengar rumah dia ada kolam renang. Hidup bagai anak bangsawan tak ingat asal usul reporter cabuk Utusan. Kami wartawan Utusan bekas rakan sekerja pun dipandang hina. Lumayan sangat gaji Setiausaha Akhbar Perdana Menteri sehingga gundik pun mampu membeli belah diHarrods London? Akmar dan pegawai lain yang berperangai jijik dikeliling PM akan menhancurkan anak Tun Razak ini.

Anonymous said...

1.Isunya penganugerahan PKN kepada merekayang tidak layak. Hanya lembu NFC dan kambing Akmar yang akan mempertahankan keputusan untuk memberi PKN kepada pencacai dan pengampu. Pendapat saya jika beri RM1,000 pun orang media lagi syiok.

2.Perdana Menteri harus pecat si sakai tak sedar diri yang memperkayakan diri dengan menjual nama sebgai pegawai PM. Mereka inilah yang selalu tuduh Rosmah bilamana racun sebenar ialah golongan ini yang berlagak seumpama penyelamat PM.

3.Betul ker Akmar setiausaha akhbar PM ada swimming pool dalam rumah? Saya fikir Najib bukan kaki tidur macam Dollah sleeping beauty. Kenapa Najib masih diam? Tidak mungkin Akmar pun ugut PM, sama seperti si penulis ucapan yang ugut hendak menyertai PKR.

4.SPRM dah mula bertugas atau masih cuti raya? PM amat memerlukan perkhidmatan anda. Bersihkan pejabat Perdana Menteri dari sampah masyarakat yang mengamalkan rasuah dan memperkayakan diri sendiri.

5. Isu PKN telah membuka pekung didada. Isu ini telah memberi peluang kpda PM membersihkan pejabat beliau dari langau taik.

Hardy Boys

Anonymous said...

Waratawan buat laporan dari "ground zero' atau dari pusat peranginan FELDA RESORT ?

Anonymous said...

Pegawai PM makin bodoh tanpa tahap habis. Yg bergambar itu ketua bodoh. Blogger PM yg celah masuk seolah sokong Apanama itu berpura2 saja. Semua orang tahu dia dapat elaun bulanan.

Ini bukan isu PGB atau SPGB atau PKN. Wartawan tidak perlu diberi pingat kerana jalankan tugas biasa. Tanduo bukanlah 'war zone' dlm ertikata sebenarnya. Surat Penghargaan sudah cukup.

Yg lagi bodoh adalah Ketua Menteri Melaka. 13 komando tidak perlu diberi PGB. Mereka mengalami kemalangan sewaktu latihan. Perkara ini biasa berlaku dlm latihan komando. Komando lain pernah mati sebelum ini.

Sewaktu Ops Ops lawan Maunah tiada pingat diberi kpd trooper Dayak dan SB India. Mereka berdua bukan Islam pun.

Jelas pemimpin UMNO makin bodoh. Itu yg jelas. Blogger2 pro Kerajaan pun nampaklah amat tertekan utk mempertahankan pemimpin yg bodoh. Kecuali mereka yg mendapat elaun.