Monday 26 August 2013


It has been an uphill battle from the day, or even before the day, Datuk Seri Najib Razak took over as the Prime Minister of Malaysia from the previous guy who thought he was the Prime Minister for over FIVE years since 31st October  or 1st November 2003.

While the guy who thought he was the PM was engrossed in his dreams from November 2003 till April 2009, those loathed '4th Floor' were plundering this nation from every possible angle. 

But what many Malaysians, even those close to the corridors of power then, didn't realise was of an  elaborate plan to prevent Najib from stepping up to the Prime Minister's seat. 

Those who were plundering while the guy was sleeping in the driver's seat wanted to continue doing what they do best and they didn't want Najib to spoil their party. Those were the guys who put in a lot of effort, time and loads of cash to 'kill Najib morally and politically'.

When the MONGOLIAN woman Altantuya Shaariibuu was killed and those plunderers realised that she was linked to one of Najib's speech writers, they went for the kill. It was too good an opportunity to miss. For them Altantuya's murder was an act of God to serve their benefit. 

The then Deputy Prime Minister  and his wife was conveniently linked to Altantuya's death and the plunderers then activated their propaganda machinery to subtly justify why we cannot allow Najib to be the Prime Minister. Najib's wife was collateral damage in that game. The didn't give a damn about the speech writer or his Mongolian girlfriend.

In a nutshell the propaganda that Najib and his wife were directly involved in the death of Altantuya Shaariibuu was quite successful, especially after the murder was linked to the Scorpene submarine deal as Najib was also the Defence Minister for a long time. 

But the propaganda was not good enough to prevent Najib from the premiership. Najib eventually became the PM as his predecessor's position became increasingly untenable. There was public outcry against his 'slumberjack' leadership and Najib was the only choice. 

How far the Altantuya case has developed since then and how the Opposition (who took over the dirty job of slandering Najib and his wife from the plunderers) have used Mongolia, Altantuya and Scorpene in every nook and corner of this nation is self explanatory.

Opposition politicians and their rowdy supporters have been mocking the Prime Minister and his wife with shouts of 'Mongolia' and 'Altantuya' at many instances, particularly during the last General Election and the dozen by-elections before that. 
But many of those mocking Najib and Rosmah came to their senses after the truth of the matter started surfacing. When SUARAM's activities, funding and most importantly their blatant lies about the Scorpene deal was exposed, level headed Malaysians began to see the conspiracy.

Last week the two policemen who were charged with the murder of Altantuya was acquitted and set free by the Appeals Court. Many were shocked. The Attorney General's Chambers are appealing against the Appeals Court's judgement. 

But what came as a greater shock to many, who follow current issues and the Endless Bullshit that comes with it on a daily basis, is that the Government of Malaysia could be paying million of dollars to revive the 'unsavory' Mongolian connection.

None other than the Prime Minister's Communications Advisor seems to be working very hard to once again link the Prime Minister to a word/name that carries a very strong negative connotation. 

Farid Ridzuan - Communications Advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia

I wonder how Farid Ridzuan managed to hoodwink the Prime Minister into buying the stale Endless Possibilities which was made public in Altantuya's motherland many many moons ago. 

I hope the Prime Minister and/or those with the best interest of the Prime Minister at heart to get to the bottom of this scam. I am suspicious of what exactly that Farid wants us to recall with his latest branding bulls#$t.

The Prime Minister should consider SUSPENDING Farid Ridzuan from his Advisor's position (not sure if he is also at a Ministerial level as he appears to be eligible for a Special Officer to Communications Advisor to the Prime Ministeruntil the probe is over. BTW... why does the PM need a Communications Advisor? 

The PM has been communicating very well all these years until some monkeys jumped into the picture and make him act like a clown. 

Consider getting back to basics. All this 'cheap airlines' kind of marketing will not last. 

On second thoughts, maybe Farid Ridzuan should just be SACKED from the Prime Minister's Office.    


Dear Prime Minister, I hope that you take note of the fact that one too many of your ADVISORS have elevated themselves to your level. Some of them think they are the Prime Minister of Malaysia, thus criticizing them and correcting them is tantamount to being anti-Najib or trying to topple the Prime Minister. 

Dear Prime Minister, please take note that we know exactly how to ask/demand a sitting Prime Minister  to vacate his seat. Please remind your Advisors of their actual standing. Please also remind them, your Press Secretary Datuk Akmar included, that they are there to serve you, the PRIME MINISTER, and not themselves. 

Dear Prime Minister, please take note that we take the trouble to tell you and/or the administration as it is. Black is black and White is white, we tell you that without fear or favour because we want you to remain as the Prime Minister and steer this nation to greater heights again. 

Dear Prime Minister, we won't be doing what we are doing now if we think you are not fit to be the Prime Minister. 

Thank you, Mr Prime Minister. 

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Shadow Banker said...

I support Dato Seri Farid Ridzuan. PM will definitely trust him over you guys because what do u honestly offer that is better than Dato Seri.

No 2, I donno who in the Government appreciates all the whacking you and your group does on Pak Lah. Like him or loathe him, Pak Lah has stepped down for more than 5 years, but your venom towards him is still quite full and bitter. Wonder what he did towards u?

Anyway, don't want to overstay my visit but merely to register my opinion.

Annie said...

I don't support Dato Seri Farid Ridzuan.

It's because I heard that he is the one who did the presentation on the "Endless Possibilities" Israel/Mongolia thingy which now makes Datuk Najib looks not so clever or even outright stupid.

The PM will definitely trust him over independent pro-BN bloggers if the PM wishes to continue being not so clever. Anyone with a little bit of brain knows that linking Datuk Najib and his administration with slogans similar to those being used by Israel and especially Mongolia is not a very clever thing to do. It could even be deemed as an attempt to sabotage Datuk Najib.

Anonymous said...

The righteous Shadow Banker, what do you have to say about Farid Riduan's recycled Endless Possibilities that has made its way to both Mongolia and Israel before Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Who pays such advisers? Heard that guy draws more than RM 1 Million from Media Prima annually. Why so?

Anonymous said...

sdra apanama,mohon izin

Agar tidak di malukan di khalayak umno,saya usulkan Khairi letak jawatan sebelum PAU.
Kalau mau bertanding,make sure PRU 14 ,kj tidak menang.
KJ sudah tak ada aspirasi melayu, dan hanya aspirasi ikutan kepala
bapak kucing.
KJ bolih tubuh parti sendiri .

Presiden parti itu, Ah Jib gong Gor,
KJ bolih pilih sendiri apa jawatan ,sultan ,emperor ,ceasar oxon klab,sahabat
jonathan fan club,Tony ffffff fan klab presiden, dan CEO selaku majikan regina.ex dapster gangstar
umno akan untungi dengan ketiaaadan Ah jib gong,penyokong tegar
Foon Yew High school, dan juga KJ.
KJ semua jawatan wannabe pandai semua serba bolih.
Baru 125 hari makan duit rakyat, lagak sombong takabur lagak angkuh, pem wannabe,ikut ah Jib bapak sekolah vernakular.
Ah jib Gong,masih tak sedar lagi dan masih umbang ambing kemelayuan nya setakat halwa maskat dan rendang...
KJ pula bidas Utusan Melayu kerana Ah jib tak pernah bidas Utusan.
Ah Jib jenis Devils advocate, arah budak suruhan try test trial lab....campak isu ketengah dan sendiri pandai ulas...lihat isu MAS,suruh idris jala.
Isu disel suruh malik ayam, isu gabung parti, suruh t adnan...pandai devil s advocate ah jib gong.. .

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES memberi chek kosong kapada Ah Jib
maksud endless possibiilties:
1.Tiada sempadan,batasan
2.Tiada komitmen
3.Tiada undang undang
4.tiada sekatan.
5.tiada check and balance.
6.tiada accountability
7.tiada pengawasan.
8.tiada halangan
9.tiada panduan
10.tiada matlamat ,hanya cara saja.ideaolgi open ended
bolih di evolve kapada legalised anarchy dan social disorder dan civil
tiada beza dengan PR .....sama aja...
Endless possibillties perlu di bendung,kerana lebih liberal dari liberal.
Atas keselamatan negara.
arjuna waspada
changkat lobak

Anonymous said...

TIMBALAN MENTERI????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Dengan Najib dia part-time. Full-time disini - RotiTelorPokokCeri

Anonymous said...

Wishing Datuk Seri Najib and Datin Rosmah "Endless Love":

Please dear Sir and Madam, don't let the small still voice in your hearts ever be overpowered by the endless advice of heartless chatting heads.

megat terawis said...

Bro, i've concluded that in the grand scheme of things these pseudo-leaders and their minions are only significant to the extent that we make them out to be. Therefore, the time has come to talk about the big picture. the cause shudnt be subject to the machinations of these opportunists in whatever guise they may come. believe u me, what you are doing is both epic and historic!

maae said...

When apanama says, "ending the endless" , my head is blank. Totally Blackout

I C U ...

wahts up said...

what about that chinese new year ad where PM was made to play the chinese drums and ended up looking daft - whose idea was that?

Anonymous said...

Jika ada dikalangan bloggers berpersepsi bhw those ADVISORS have elevated themselves to the level of PM, then this is exactly in consonant with SHIITE aspiration. Pengikut Shiah berpendapat Imam-Imam mereka memilikki derajat kenabian. Tapi PM Najib hanya lantik mereka sbg advisor sahaja. So I'm afraid those bloggers are experiencing Cognitive Dissonance. If this perception is left untreated, this may lead to a kind of mental disorderliness & they must accept the fact that they are categorized as spesies flibbertigibbet. RD5

TST said...

Handling the truth

Anonymous said...

Shadow Banker? Whats a cynical pseudonym "representing a behind the scene shadowy bankers banking on the PM's down fall, albeit to his own / gangs profits".? That proves his hard cores backing the lame duck pm all the way, without even considering the shelling he's got from his detractors thru his stupidity.Latest, giveaway lanterns for moon cakes festival, why not gives that moon cakes as well.? Why not gives ketupat,? why not gives dodol,?Why not gives rendang and lemang during HARI RAYA IDIL FITRI.?To "the aloof" fans on facebooks and twittetrs.? Make more blunders and expected to be puji and jilat blindly. Ever wonder why "shadowy banker " the MELAYUS is menyampah already.? Time to do your homework bro.!

Anonymous said...

Well.. Branding is a holistic approach to an entity’s position, public interactions, and operations, based on the entity’s values. Branding is devoted to establishing and nurturing a relationship with the public / masses.

Brand is a person’s gut feeling about that particular entity. It’s an emotional, sensory understanding of what the entity is, rather than an intellectual, rational memory of your tagline or logo.

In Endless Possibilities’ case, it has been blown out of proportion. Rather than focusing on what it can bring, people are talking about Israel, Mongolia and now Farid Ridzuan?

Positioning a brand is not a one day thing. I believe last year (2012) there were few events / initiatives that engaged the public on what suits best to describe Malaysia. It’s not like these people sit on the toilet and come up with the tagline. It was a collective effort by Malaysians for Malaysia. Maybe it was not published nor broadcasted all over social media-sphere and many assume they came up with it just a month ago.

A phrase might look simple, it seems as though anyone can come up with it. “Just Do It” by Nike, “Think different” by Apple, “Because You’re Worth It” by L’oreal or “Connecting People” by Nokia. These are more than just taglines. You can’t just say “aku pun boleh buat” and some would question, “kenapa hang tak buat?”. As usual, you will be giving alot of reasons and while you do that other people are benefiting from these brands tagline and life goes on. Branding is not a waste of money. These companies spend hundred millions and some spend billions on their brands.

The simplest line like “Ubah” by DAP shook up our nation. But it was clearly copying “Change” by Obama. Until today it’s still their objective. So if you wanna say it’s copying this and that, other people are benefiting from that tagline and life goes on.