Monday 28 September 2015

Who is the real "Pengkhianat Yang Membangsatkan Bangsa Melayu" ?

The results of GE13 amply proved that not only he failed to correctly read his enemies' strengths but he can't even assess correctly his own weaknesses. So can we trust again his readings/calculations of GE14?

If BN/UMNO does lose the GE14, part of the blame must go to him. But the major portion must go to the Supreme Council (MT) and Division Chiefs (KB).

Perhaps those with sincere  intention should sit down to save the party and the Malay's power..lest we will be in opposition and have the same future as the Palestinians.

If the stand of MT & KB is only to save one man with a huge baggage and is suffering from severe trust deficit and if we do lose our remaining diminishing (because of him) power, then the MT could be (mis)construed as PENGKHIANAT yang MEMBANGSATKAN Bangsa Melayu. Pardon me for using such a word. 

What is your option? Losing is NOT an option.

The above are jottings by reader HIDUP TUAH, a diehard Umno grassroots leader and a loyal citizen of Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

He cannot even understand that his current ikan bakar coolie Rent-A-Crowd (buat huru-hara in Kajang next) is going to backfire badly, ultimately.

This is pure sponsored thuggery.

If that's your "best idea", well, speaks for itself really....

Anonymous said...

Nak bincang apa lagi. No point flogging a dead horse. UMNO is beyond redemption.

Anonymous said...

Yang membangsatkan orang melayu, agama Dan negara, tidak lain Dan tidak bukan melainkan Najib, Anggota2 kabinet Dan kaki tanga yang bersekongkol Dan ketua2 bahagian umno.

Anonymous said...

"Every man is said to have his peculiar ambition. Whether it be true or not, I can say for one that I have no other so great as that of being truly esteemed of my fellow men, by rendering myself worthy of their esteem. How far I shall succeed in gratifying this ambition, is yet to be developed."
- President Lincoln, 1832 First Political Announcement

Quite unfortunately, Prime Minister Najib Razak cannot claim the esteem and love of the Malaysian people for his character and his actions, except for the sycophantic few in his party for whom their common chorus is "Cash is King".

Anonymous said...

I think there won't be a nexy GE.

A state of Emergency will be declared which will be instigated by red shirts but blamed on DAP.
Remember Operation Coldstore by LKY against Lim Chin Siong and Barisan Sosialis using the excuse, of all things, the Brunei Rebellion (1962). Of course it was because Tunku insisted on it as a condition for merger. LKY basically sold his friends and his dignity to achieve his ambition.

I think they were going to try it on Sept 16 but China basically said FU, don't you dare.

I think he won't stop, he will find other excuses to declare emergency.

So, the best outcome for us Johorean, is for Johor to "@&$%" with military backing of you know who.

Anonymous said...

Kau kan mamak. You worry about KIMMA sudahlah. Tak payah menyebuk hal melayu.

Anonymous said...

Lim Chin Siong was a good man highly respected by the local populace but alas he couldn't speak English and LKY hemmed him into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

I uad enough wth umno
What a shame
Mcm ni punya cara melayu perintah?
Melayu sendiri pon malu..
Yg jahanamkan melayu pon umnooo juga
Me & the rest voters are hoping if we voted pr
Pls arrest those umno2 ministers,warlords,even zahid hamidi,all the council
Made them answerable about everything esp 1mdb
Make them like the rest of us working 8-5 daily
Minimum wage
No coruption
Then they realise the biggest sins they made upon us
Im pretty sure there is no such thing as atas pagar voters anymore

Anonymous said...

Anon 06.19
Just a friendly reminder.
Be very careful with your words, especially your words concerning Johor.
Your last paragraph is highly seditious. Go on like this and you are digging your own grave.

AbGJaS said...

Ikut definisi dlm perlembagaan, mamak adalah melayu. Wajar mereka ambil peduli klu bugis melayu x peduli

Anonymous said...

Umno in opposition and Malays will suffer the same fate as Palestinians?

Aren't we a tad alarmist? Trying to scare the Malays into saving a bunch of politician nit-wits, eh?

In spite of all the clear-as-daylight facts, we still have a large proportion of Umno leadership supporting the nincompoop. Something is obviously wrong with your party.

Methinks will be good for Umno to sit in the opposition bench for a stint so as to whittle away the chaff from its ranks. Yunno, those who shout real loud about alif-ba-ta just to line their own pockets.

Since Umno has screwed up so many times already, maybe it is time for another team to try their hand at this managing of the country.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the bugis footlickers' comments here or elsewhere really not worth a rebuttals with sensible arguments!

UMNO and all its members can drown in the deep end of their own shits. You cannot resolve the 2.6 billion question mark yet you're harping on TPPA?

Obama gave Najib a bloody nose with his speech but as usual Najib remained clueless.

To Najib's lickers, learn to understand the American President's speech and then come and debate, that is if those guys got any ball/s left?

Praxis said...

The issue now is not who to blame but to act and respond to the problem before we are eaten up by our own eloquence and proprieties.

Anonymous said...

The problem is exactly to bring the gravely blameworthy pm to justice through constitutional means, and assisted by the authority of the Yang diPertuan Agung and the august fraternity of the Sultans of Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

As if obama is an angel. He is a projewish and he so sebok2 hal negara org lain pulak.
Pandai sgt selesaikan dulu hal d sana sblm menyebok d cni. Policeman of the world konon.

Anonymous said...

Najib is a narcissist. The bigger narcissist is his better-half. If you look at the symptoms of the disorder, it is clear as daylight that the guy leading this nation suffers from a mental disorder. The old saying of; mana ada orang gila nak ngaku dia gila bodes well with the asshole and his wife. It seems like it runs from the fatty's side as her son, riza the slight framed shorty, has to be seen in public with colorful and famous personas. Typical of grandiose-self-imagery. Its genetic i think

Anonymous said...

Apa ni... I ada keturunan melayu bangs@+ dan cina bab!
Mau panggil I bangsa apa ek?