Saturday 23 May 2009

Single Dose

If you are a realistic Malaysian and happen to have felt or still have a tinge of love or loyalty to this nation, then you can’t help but admire Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad for what he stood and still stands for.

Not only because he was once our Prime Minister but more so for who Dr.Mahathir is, in person and in the eyes of the world.

I think no one is perfect and Dr.Mahathir may not be an exception but is he not a good example, if not an excellent example for us and to our future generation?

He is among the best brains, indisputably a respected leader in the world today whose ideas, thoughts and advice are much sought after, even by roaring new economic tigers like China.

But what is it that some Malaysians are now so worried about him or more specifically the so-called Mahathirism (a term coined by a bunch of free-for-all foreigners and their local lackeys)?

Dr.Mahathir, and I’m sure a big chunk of Malaysians, are not fans of absolute democracy and the constant ‘abuse’ of the man-made system by the crusaders.

The new culture of street demonstrations and unruly politics are, in my opinion, among the ugly heads of absolute democracy that could lead us to a YELLOW and RED situation like in Thailand.

Just think about the price Thailand has to pay.

Mahathirism is, without any foundation, given a negative connotation with the aim of tarnishing Dr.Mahathir’s image while preventing the present Government from taking action against the so-called crusaders of democracy.

Whether it is out of fear or pure envy, equating Mahathirism to some form of dictatorship is nothing but cheap scare-mongering.

At present the mongering is done by those who are terrified that their rein as ‘cowboys’ during the premiership of Tun Abdullah Badawi might lead them to jail under the 1Malaysia leadership.

So one of the options is to try and silence the enforcement authorities in the name of absolute freedom, the only ingredient of democracy that attracts all and sundry now including the Bar Council.

If, in the eyes of those who coined it and who tirelessly vilify, Mahathirism is about stricter enforcement of ‘the law of the land’ … I’m all for it.

Why not, if its in the best interest of Malaysia?

p/s Get the full dose of MAHATHIRISM and why BADAWISM is non-existent.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it's simply astute statesmanship of the highest order. Labels only serve the devil and interfere with clear thinking.

Dr Mahathir's tenure is marked by a genius many haven't formally acknowledged. But we have all experienced it and know what his tenure and statesmanship mean.

It's time however to cull its essence, and see what makes it inimitable:

For a start, let me try to list some.

1. Renaissance type knowledge and deep wisdom that spans everything, including science and technology and their dynamics, which in the modern world is important;
2. A win-win strategy that allows everyone to grow to their potential, not zero-sum war games.
3. A deep humility that respects everyone
4. A deep humanity that abhors violence and war, and asserts the rights of individual and collective dignity of man.

By the first criteria alone, most leaders (you can expand your sample to the whole world) would find it hard to match him. He simply sees things from a higher perspective. Today some would say 'ecological ' perspective, which has come with the study of ecological interactions. But to him it's second nature. Did it come with his medical training? Maybe. But I think it's more pure genius.