Wednesday 20 May 2009


"Bagai sireh pulang ke gagang"

The return of Datuk Ahmad A.Talib to lead Media Prima (particularly the NSTP group) is indeed an excellent move.

Ahmad Talib, I believe, has all it takes to motivate and lead the stable given the fact that he is a simple man well-liked by the prince and the pauper.

If its about getting back to the grassroots of the society, I think Ahmad Talib is an excellent choice.

If it’s just about spinning again, then we have others waiting in the queue ... and the newsroom.

Congratulations Datuk!
RockyBru has the full story.

May the NSTP group be free once again … free from the ‘tiny red dot’.

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Anonymous said...


Ahmad would have been GEIC if he was not put in cold storage and later made to leave the nstp. Right man for the right job and at the right time. Staff welfare is his strength.

Dass ex paste up