Thursday 27 January 2011


The Hindu Sangam was SHOCKED and has taken the necessary civilised action to reach a more amicable solution.

It will engage, meet, discuss and draw a memorandum for the Prime Minister’s consideration.

It’s totally a wise decision for the issue at hand to be opened for discussion (by genuine NGOs and other non-political organisation and individuals). 

Presently it is an issue that is being abused beyond recognition, mostly by those without first hand information.

Its clear now that the ugly side of politics has got the better of the core issue. There is no restraint whatsoever, even while the merits of the case is/was being deliberated.

So far the arguments have been blinded by politics, a lack of understanding of the system of caste that stands in the eye of the minor storm, and the extreme views and ultimatums by an unrestrained lot which includes politicians.

Don’t abuse politics and issue ultimatums as there should never be a political solution for the issue at hand.

Clearly, a political solution would lead towards further abuse of contentious social and historic facts. Facts which show who and what we are.

Nothing will be “not sensitive” if there lies a hidden agenda … the political agenda.


p/s  To state or suggest (in a provocative sub-heading) that the 'Gov't ignores Indians' sensitivities' is not only utter rubbish but more a dirty mischief. 

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