Sunday 2 January 2011

Sulking Political Drama ?

The most refreshing news so far in 2011 is about Khairy Jamaluddin's decision to quit politics and "go back to school".  

Theories are abound as to why the 'powerful" Son-In-Law of the fifth Prime Minister wants to get out of the ring. Some on the other hand think this is yet another political drama of Malaysia.

If its indeed true could the rookie first term Rembau MP be swimming along with the born-again liberals soon, the likes of RPK or Zaid Ibrahiim and some of their lawyer boys?

Well, with all honesty I hope Khairy has now truly realised the folly of his forceful parachuting into Umno and by extension national politics. 

As cunning as politicians are, you can force or buy your way through but you can't stay there ... unless your are genuine. 

Even the Prime Minister couldn't help you if the grassroots keep their distance.

With no real support from the ranks of Umno Youth and lack of grassroots support in Rembau, it was only a matter of time. 

Chegubard's grassroots popularity has been haunting him too.

There is also talk that Khairy was sulking. ( Read Rocky's MERAJUK KER? )

But why is Khairy sulking, if he is? The recent appointment of Umno leaders at the state level could be a reason, the New Cabinet line-up could be another. 

As I said earlier, theories are abound but at the moment I'm taking Khairy's "Going back to school' with a pinch of salt...a BIG pinch that is.

p/s Do they teach real politics in school? ( I know from personal experience that some ABIM-run kindergartens used to)

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Wenger J Khairy said...

Blog Master,
This editorial you have penned fails to mention the intense attacks YB Khairy had to endure for a long time. I believe no other politician had to face such amounts of back biting as the first term parliamentarian from Rembau.

While KJ was the Honourable Representative from Rembau, he raised the profile of the area no end. Fans have come from far just to visit his constituency, just like people flock to Graceland to visit Elvis.

Whatever KJ's final decision is, he right now is at the pinnacle in terms of public support. KJ is the only youth leader there is to have a depth of understanding in the issues and his performance in Parliament is nothing short of statesman like.

Furthermore, who remains from that the trio that contested the KP position in 2009? Khir Toyo, the sugar daddy for many right wing bloggers is facing a trial and Mukhriz, well, Mukhriz is just plain Mukhriz. His position as the Deputy Minister in MITI has left a lot of sniggering and nobody can claim that he was awarded the position due to his last name, but of course as he is the son of the 4th Prime Minister.

The Economist has already predicted a hung parliament should elections be called. By focusing so much energy attacking the only bright spark in BN, BN may risk a fate worse than that.

Labuchi said...

statesman like my ass

a bright spark in BN my ass

the final blow was from wikileaks.

most of his top generals has already switched over to the other camp.

A lot of people still remembers his part time job as Passport delivery boy to Anwar.

Anonymous said...

Chegubard has support in Rembau? U must be punch drunk.

Anonymous said...

Firdaus, I agree with your assesment because it is special branch approved maaaa.

Anonymous said...

matilah khairy's cyberhounds who make a living out of him. wenger included. wenger you're so pathetic brader, go get a life willya.

Wenger J Khairy said...

I blog to serve the interest of my readers. Those who want depth and clarity on the issue and not the mere rah rah that is spat out by the main stream bloggers.

We have it on good evidence that a lot of this anti KJ sentiment is manufactured and conjuncture. For one, I challenge the blog owner to ask himself why is it Mukhriz Mahathir and Mukhriz Mahathir alone should be the prime vendor to supply cables to Telekom Malaysia? Or how much loans from Mirzan Mahathir was scooped up by Danaharta? Or how a white phoney could trick the erstwhile greatest human being ever known, the one the only Dr. Mahathir Mohammad into attempting to corner the tin market, causing billions of losses to the country along the way, when President Suharto had showed this scammer the door? Or even any of the 100 billion issues raised by Barry Wain.

No the only villain in this wonderland is Khairy. And what is his crime?

Beating Mukhriz?

Is that it.

Even Khir Toyo beat Mukhriz, so I hope the Mukhriz loyalists would learn to measure their shirt according to their patrons political shoulders, which isn't that broad.

But as usual, its a case of picking on the weak. Taking cheap shots and offering no depth to the argument. Mere regurgitation of points cobbled together into a meaningless posting full of conjecture with no substance.

If I was so pathetic, I would not have been tagged by CNN nor read by folk from the State Department, the World Bank, countless of Investment bankers, politicians and civil servants.

This posting deserved a rebuttal and I thank the blog owner for publishing it. The retorts from those of the opposing side showed their fascination with their rears as opposed to countering the many factual arguments.

Readers will know who is right on the issue.

Good day to you sir!

Anonymous said...


wenger is on the brink of unemployment

just one question - why is kj the only young politician PRAISED by tony tan, politician from singapore

if kj is so teerrriffic he should just crossover to join pap