Wednesday 26 December 2012

Anti-logging activists and the DAP's latest scandal

Listen carefully to what DAP's MP for Bandar Kuching Chong Chieng Jen has to say about logging companies and the profits that they make.

"Tens of million in profit from a 3,000 ha site" - he says.

In this Oct, 2010 Opposition mouthpiece video, Chong who is Sarawak DAP secretary and now CEC member cries out aloud for native rights against logging.

He alleged -"Sarawak's resources being given to companies linked to Chief Minister's sister" 

He claimed the basic human rights and lifestyle of the natives are adversely affected by logging purportedly carried out by companies 'linked' to the CM. 

Sarawak chief minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud is a BN component leader. The state DAP leaders together with some PKR activists have been hurling wild accusations against Taib for decades now.

Never mind the fact that to-date there is not even an iota of evidence to support their allegations against Taib. 

The DAP and PKR activist, together with their Pas crowd, are also the darlings of foreign anti-logging activist. 

The likes of Bruno Manser and his ala-'multi-level marketing' BMFoundation have lauded these local 'activists' as heroes of the natives for their strong anti-logging stance. 

I wont be surprised if the DAP and PKR in Sarawak have had received funds from such international anti-logging groups to mount a challenge against Taib on the pretext of anti-logging campaigns.

Unlike the DAP's very own latest land/logging scandal in Perak/Kelantan, the allegations against Taib are yet to be proven.

On the contrary, DAP's direct involvement in this latest logging scandal is factual. Even Datuk Ngeh and his cousin cum secretary Nga have indirectly admitted that they are not full-time politicians championing the people's cause as portrayed. 

Now listen to the Kuching MP's views in the video again, but this time remember that the natives are the Orang Asli in Kelantan and the logging company belongs to the DAP... and/or their transparent, trustworthy and holier than thou leaders from Perak.

p/s Chong ah! If 3,000ha could generate 'tens of millions in profit', how much do you think Ngeh and Nga could have generated from the 10,000ha of land in Kelantan?

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Anonymous said...

PKR activist See Chee How Sarawak is screwing Dap upside-down . Last night See's right man speak in same tone. He say tell longhous people Dap leader is logger dalam selimut

Anonymous said... advertised in iProperties, the land has still got 9,500 acres of log exceeding 20,000 tons. Profit of 30% from logging must be contributed to YIK.

The land is for sale since 1st Dec 2012 for RM 36.8 millions. Ngeh and Nga are smarter, they straight away go for easy money after gaining control of Upayapadu. So both can't be connected to any logging activity, they simply sell the land.

Anonymous said...

Merapulah seberapa banyak yang kamu hendak!

Kamu takkan dapat menarik pandangan rakyat dari melihat kerja jahat Najib Rosmah merompak negara!,

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:11. Tolong pimpin kami, rakyat biasa melihat "kerja jahat Najib Rosmah merompak negara". Mohon buktinya. Kami tak mahu subahat pilih pemimpin jahat. Pd waktu yg sama kami tak mahu subahat dgn fitnah. Kami mau bukti bukan cerita hikayat.