Monday 17 December 2012

PR Cabinet

These are the confirmed election candidates for DAP, PKR and Pas ... guess the rest could start fighting for their survival in Pakatan politics. 

Seek Selangor Speaker Teng Chang Khim's advice if you're serious about making it to the above list.

p/s PR is for Pakatan Rakyat or cunning public relations?

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Anonymous said...

Why so bitchy?
Only umno is allowed to run for elections is it?
What umno supposed to rule forever kah? Podah!

Anonymous said...

Stupid pencacai PR.
You and your ilk are so blinded by your hate.
And you would say, why not? You like interesting, right?
WAR is interesting. ANARCHY is interesting. STREET DEMONSTRATION is interesting. ALL EVIL THINGS ARE INTERESTING.

Yes, PEACE is boring. But I will always go for peace you piece of shit!

Orang Melaka

Anonymous said...

Apa jadi dengan Nik Aziz,Karpal,Kit Siang

Anonymous said...

Mat The Citizen will benefit the most when PKR is in Putrajaya. The Opposition that has 55 years of experience in government will keep the PKR Government on its toes. The only way open for them to run the government is in a honest and transparent manner. That afterall may not be a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Eli kangkang for menteri pelancongan? pelencongan better still for her

Anonymous said...

The three will become heavenly advisors to the Godsent prime monster

mitchell said...

Hope this prediction comes true....all for a clean, corrupt gomen....

Anonymous said...

Yes, the PR should put this out everywhere.
Just to remind voters who they are putting in power.
Anwar as PM man...tak selamat Malaysia.
Baru acting PM dah hampir hancurkan Malaysia, PM apa lagi.

Anonymous said...

What if Anwar lost his Parliamentary seat? not impossible.
What if Hadi Awang lost his Parliamentary seat? It has happened before, and can happen again. He's too old anyway.

So which Melayu will become PM? Mat Sabu? Azmin?

Anonymous said...

Obviously the next in line la man, why do you think Guan Eng wants to become deputy?
Even Dr Maahthir has said it's possible for a non malay to become pm.
So, you want Guan Eng as PM?

Anonymous said...

kabinet bayangan ka?why so many DPM?why not 2 PM?or President?

Anonymous said...

If the listing is true, LGE will not be defending his Penang CM post?

Mato said...

Mana Ronnie Liu the Minister of Volcano Massage and Two-Stop Massage?

Apanama said...

anon 12.13 > Guan Eng would be contesting both state and parliament seats. His special rights as Lim Kit Siang's son.