Thursday 14 February 2013



From the video above it appears that the transformation of Bogota took more common sense, logic plus a clear heart and mind of a single individual... more than dollars and cents. 

We may be a little late in Kuala Lumpur and other similar urban centers in Malaysia but its never too late to take a leaf from this Colombian experience to make our urban centers human friendly. 

Listen to the narration, you'll be able to relate a few points to our experience in Malaysia. Quality of life, crime, stressful urban experiences, priorities of the government (i.e DBKL), greed of bizmen (from shopkeepers who want customers to be able to park on pavements in front of their shops to constructors of super highways) and many more.

All sorts of crime and total disregard to rules and regulations plus the ugly 'ah long' and 'sex toy' stickers on road signs and traffic light poles could be telling us that we are heading towards the dungeon, like how Bogota was before the transformation. 

DBKL, please take note of the early warning signals. 

p/s TQ @YouTiup for sharing this great video on Twitter.

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