Monday 18 February 2013



DAP and PKR are on the verge of taking control of Johor. 

I think these two political parties whose leaders travel without the aid of a compass, GPS or any navigation system, are really capable of doing great service to Johor and Johoreans.

The may be fighting in the open like two badly brought up kids but trust me these two political parties who claim to be sleeping together with PAS are truly competent enough to take Johor and Johoreans to heaven.

They’re still undecided who wants to be in the driver’s seat but YOU don’t burn your midnight oil trying to understand them. They maybe IMMATURE but they certainly possess the skills of a master magician.

The one who thinks he’s God’s gift to Johor and Johorean are also said to be a holy man. The one with the BLACK HAND.

For a clearer picture, please read what the respective mouthpieces of DAP and PKR have to say about the future Menteri Besar of Johor and potential cabinet members of Pakatan Rakyat.

The future MB of Johor has crossed swords with DAP chairman Karpal's man in Johor. 

IMMATURE Boo says can't work with Jui Meng - 

DAP accuses PKR’s Chua of sabotage

p/s  Pas leaders are on their way back from heaven and are expected to join the foam party shortly. 

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