Thursday 28 February 2013

We practice what we preach. We want peace!

The existence of about 150 villagers from Southern Philippines together with some 30-odd armed escorts is actually more a nuisance but it could however spiral into an 'ugly' situation with the possibility of creating unnecessary tension between Malaysia and the Philippines.

An ugly incident in Lahad Datu would turn Malaysia, Sabah in particular, into a high risk area.

Some desperate politicians on our side and their lackeys in the Philippines may be longing for a bloodbath in Lahad Datu as such an incident would most certainly serve their own political agenda.

Maybe there are desperados on both sides of the border who are working hard to derail the Kuala Lumpur-brokered arrangement towards a Peace Accord between the Philippines Government and the MILF.
(back row) Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Chief Al Haj Murad, Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Philippine President Benigno Aquino III and Teresita Quintos-Deles,adviser on the peace process witness the exchange of documents after signing of a framework agreement between the Philippines government and Muslim separatist rebels inside the Malacanang presidential palace, Manila, Philippines, on Oct 15 2012
Anwar and his close buddy Estrada might know why those 'desperados' are keen to shoot the intended peace deal down. 

Those villagers, the frail old man who claims to be a crown prince included, and their security guards are not members of any recognised Sultanate. 

There is no Sultanate in the REPUBLIC of Philippines, let alone an 'army of the Sultanate'.

The heirs (of the initial heirs of the last Sultan of Sulu), who have being receiving an annual cession token from the Government of Malaysia, are not among those holed up in that remote village in Lahad Datu.

The guy who claims to be the crown prince, from a makeshift hut in Kampung Tanduo is also not recognized as the heir of the late Sultan Jamalul Kiram whose Sultanate was officially abolished by the Government of Philippines in 1939.  

The guy who thinks he is the crown prince of the non-existent Sultanate might carry the the name Kiram but the Regional Trial Court of Sulu – 9th Judicial Region of Jolo (in a judgement dated 25th of May 2011) doesn’t recognize him or the ‘Sultan’ as heirs to any Sultanate.

To reiterate – there is no such region or island or group of islands that is termed as the Sulu Sultanate under the Philippines’ constitution. 

Philippines is a republic and normally republics don’t have/recognise Sultanates.

Some interesting points to ponder below: 

… International Court of Justice in 2003 nevertheless observes that, undisputedly, the Sultan of Sulu relinquished the sovereign rights over all his possessions in favour of Spain, based on Bases of Peace and Capitulation signed by Sultan of Sulu and Spain in Jolo on the 22 July 1878.[31] [32]

Recent pretenders

Although the Sultanate is no longer officially recognized by any state as a sovereign entity, many individuals continue to claim the title of Sultan of Sulu and/or Sultan of North Borneo, often with documentation that would seem to support their claims.[45]

Muedzul Lail Tan Kiram, another claimant, has insisted on the legitimacy of his succession as the 35th Sultan of Sulu. He cites Memorandum Order 427 of 1974, in which former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos’ recognized his father, Sultan Mahakuttah A. Kiram, as Sulu ruler.

Claims over Sabah 

Nevertheless, Malaysia considered this dispute as a "non-issue", as there is no desire from the actual people of Sabah to be part of the Philippines or of the Sultanate of Sulu.[41][42] As reported by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the independence of North Borneo was brought about as the result of the expressed wish of the majority of the people of the territory in a 1963 election.

Today, there are at least a dozen pretenders to the throne, some of whom are fakes.  Most of the contenders claim descent from Jamal ul Azam, who leased Sabah to Baron von Overbeck.

In 1939, a civil suit was filed by propriety claimants (Dayang Dayang Hadji Piandao and eight other heirs) of the "cession money" payable to the heir of Sultan of Sulu, following the death of Sultan of Sulu, Jamalul Kiram II in June 1936, childless. Chief Justice C. F. C. Macaskie of the High Court of North Borneo made a ruling on the shares entitled by each claimants.[24]

A classic 'twist' of the 1939 High Court ruling...

In 1939, the heirs of Jamal ul Kiram II asked the High Court of North Borneo who were the heirs of the Sulu Sultan Jamal ul Kiram II, who died without issue. They wanted to know who theowners of Sabah were. Was it Great Britain or the Sulu Sultan’s heirs.  Chief Justice CFC Makaskie of the High Court of North Borneo ruled in favor of the petitioners led by the two celebrated Sulu princesses, Dayang dayang Hadja Piandao and Dayang Dayang Putli Tarhata.
Philippines believe in the rule of Force. Marcos tried the Jabidah route. Then he tried an all-out war against the Moros. President Joseph Estrada tried an all-out war against the MILF.  But Malaysia believes in the rule of law. It is much easier to negotiate with Malaysians.

The last line is indeed flattering but I don't think the Malaysian Government would fall for such sweet talk. The Malaysian Government should not negotiate its sovereignty with a bunch of intruders who don't know who they are. 

All those who think they are the rightful owner of Sabah or Sulu, or both should consider a round table conference to determine who among them owns what. After that they should decide on the tittle they want to carry before making a representation to their government. 

After all the Philippines' just passed a law to compensate human rights victims of former president Ferdinand Marcos. They say Marcos was a dictator. 

Those intruders in Lahad Datu should be thankful that Malaysia is a strong advocate of peace and staunch believer in peaceful resolution of conflicts. 

Our utmost patience and diplomacy in handling the Lahad Datu intrusion is testimony that Kuala Lumpur practices what we preach. 
We could have wiped out the entire 180-odd intruders in a matter of minutes but what happens after we shoot and kill them on our soil? 

Level headed Malaysians are praying for a peaceful resolution to the 'situation' in Lahad Datu while thousands of security personnel are on full alert to face any eventuality in protecting Malaysian sovereignty. 

Malaysian officers and officials are working round the clock to prevent any bloodshed in Lahad Datu and any further bloodshed in our region. 

We, Malaysians, are now putting the final touches to yet another peace deal. We want peace!

p/s All the 180 Sulu villagers/intruders, plus the boatmen who ferried them, would have ended up being transported back in body bags had they landed on Tekong Island. 

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Anonymous said...

Dear Apanama,

IMHO, North Borneo is under the ownership of Sultan Sulu even after Madrid Protocol of 1885.

I feel we should not use force to these intruders. They are also Muslims. Their men died during 'Jabidah Massacre'.

When the Moro muslims men stopped their mission and lost their lives from attacking fellow muslims in Sabah, don't you think we as muslims should do the same and give more time to settle this incident peacefully?


Anonymous said...

I'm Muslim too but Sabah, Sarawak and Semenanjung were under a federation called MALAYSIA. A sovereign and recognized nation. It does not matter whatever is their religion, they were foreigners, what they did is wrong! They were not registered Malaysian citizen, they came into Malaysia illegally, they carried arms for the purpose of war. Think about it and set aside emotional feelings, the security of our nation is at stake. Our security forces will know how to handle those intruders because they were trained for it.
As good and loyal citizens we can only pray to Allah nothing untoward will happens to our security men or to the intruders.

mitchell said...

Great piece of writing, Bro..I too want peace and always believe that negotiations are the best solution but for how long!? The "Sulu Sultan" has already expressed his desire that they will stay! What are their demands? What are they negotiating for? If we continue this stand-off, what is there to stop another group of soldiers loyal to another "Sulu Sultan" from taking over another village.
Religion does play any part in this issue, this are just plain terrorists....would be allow the same leeway if the Taliban or Al-Queda did the same? BTW, shouldn't the Armed Forces be heading the operations and not the police force.

mitchell said...

Latest news in: The Sulu terrorists fired at our forces!!!! So lets blast the bastards!!!

mitchell said...

Why in God's name did the Cabinet decide that this situation should come under the Home Ministry and the PDRM instead of the Defence Ministry and the Armed Forces!!! So I guess now the Cabinet should be held responsible for the death of the 2 heroes!!!!!!

mitchell said...

Friend from Lahad Datu claim that the reason Home Ministry took charge was becoz the terrorists were promised "kerakyatan" and "blue i/c" by Sabah CM!!! Any comment, bro!!!

Anonymous said...

No lah... The reason home minister and IGP have more power logically because they are more diplomatic. Army (i my self ex army) normally more offensive/aggrasive. Najib government maybe dont want this matter handle too openly such as Al Maunah crisis few years ago.

J. Ashley said...

I thought that the Malaysian people would be easier to talk to re Sabah rather than the Philippines. Now, I realize I'm wrong, for now because Najib had already bought Pres. Aquino. But Aquino cannot sell Sabah away. Sabah will still be returned to its proper owner, whether now or 10 years from now.