Wednesday 11 December 2013

True heroes of Pingat Gagah Berani won't forgive you Idris - UPDATED

UPDATE! 1430hrs 12/12/13

Was informed that the Malacca State Secretary's officers are currently preparing a brief statement to REVOKE Idris's statement about wanting to award the PGB.

Was told that even Malacca Governor Tun Khalil Yaakob was shocked by Idris statement. 

Who ordered the State Secretary to revoke the silly statement? Idris... oh Idris! Kenapa kau Idris?

Not sure if this newly minted magnanimous Chief Minister of Malacca did the necessary before making the announcement to award the prestigious medal of bravery to the 11 commando trainees and their trainers. (Idris is magnanimous coz he recently said something like 'I forgive the Chinese for not supporting BN)

Certainly this is not a clever decision. It is a populist decision that would have damaging repercussions. Idris appears like nothing but a desperate politician. I'm sure the real recipients of the prestigious PGB  would be shell shocked with yet another act of stupidity from the government.

CM Idris, please don't forget all those commando trainees who have lost their lives while undergoing training in Terendak since the camp was commissioned there a few decades ago. Going by your standards they surely deserve a PGB…don't they? 

When will such stupidity come to an end?  We had dummies with Pingat Kedaulatan Negara a few months ago. 

What next?

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bro Apanama

Suruh PM award PGB kepada Ketua Menteri Melaka dia. He'll probably do it sebab KM berani buat perkara bodoh

IT.Scheiss said...

In an era where awards are cheap and often are bought and paid for, a day will soon come when people can simply purchase a Pingat Gagah Berani.

That is the gutter Malaysia is slowly sinking into, thanks to an increasingly commercial culture where anything can be profaned with impunity.

Perhaps I should go into the awards business and sell honors such as "Da'Tok Se'Ree" or "Than Se'Ree" purportedly conferred by the "Sula'tahn of Pattani in Exile" or the "Ra'Cha of Phuket."

A "Da'Tok" honor costs RM20,000, a "Da'Tok Se'Ree" costs RM50,000 and a "Than Se'Ree" costs RM100,000.

Paid congratulatory messages in major Malaysian newspapers and news magazines are an optional extra at prevailing rates, except for "Than Se'Ree" awardees where the cost of a half-page congratulatory message is included in the fee.

joe black said...


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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dulu bukan ke Shah Rukh Khan berlakon satu filem di Melaka dapat Datuk? Ni hanyut di laut pulak dapat PGB? Habis macammana nelayan nelayan yang hanyut tu tak bagi PGB ke?

Anonymous said...


Better put the right medallion on the proper breast, or desist from defaming the decoration, bukan kah?

IT.Scheiss said...

Joe Black,

Yup. I should have mentioned PhDs too.

Check out this guy's impressive resume and list of universities he received qualifications from.

Do a Google search on these three and more if you want.

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Anonymous said...

Melaka takde pingat gagah berani yg ade hanya persekutuan. Klau dpt gak kat geng2 komando tu kami penerima Seri Pahlawan akan pulangkan anugerah tu krn pingat keberanian skrg sdh rendah nilainya. Yg btempur di kg air simunul semporna pun x dpt pingat gagah berani.

Anonymous said...

Di malaysia aje nanti kita akan jumpa komando sesat pun dapat pingat??

Memalukan pingat dan institusi komando jer la. Apala menteri giler nak anugerah oinat tak tengok tempat.

Anonymous said...

Samalah Mahpuz dapat Ijazah Kehormat.

Anonymous said...

haks haks...memang lawak giler pon,kat indon...tentara yang berjaya dan mengabdi negara dalam peristiwa besar,itu pon baru dapat pingat macam nie(itupon diorang dah banyak jadi arwah kerena bertempor)....kat msia tercinta nie macam lawak,....comando tersesat dapat pingat...????apa best nyer?lawak pon ada kah kah....diorang berjasa pada nugara kah?cuma sesat pon kih kih