Monday 28 April 2014

BR1M is going down the drain

BR1M 1 copy

The Government hand-out amounting to several BILLION ringgit is obviously going down the drain.

This is not an unfounded, wild allegation thrown by an anti-Government blogger or a Daim lackey. This is a fact which has now been picked up by none other than a member of the cabinet.

Will the brilliant advisors who came up with BR1M now take stock of the damning failure of the ill-conceived hand-out or would they opt to attack all those critics, including Tengku Adnan?

I have written about BR1M HERE and HERE. 

The intention maybe good but BR1M is certainly not the right method to help the needy. The idea of giving cash handouts cannot possibly be right in a country where almost FOUR MILLION foreigners are earning a living and sending home BILLIONS of RM annually.

I'm saying it again. Put a stop to BR1M and think of doing something more sustainable with the BILLIONS flowing into the drains via BR1M.

I'm sure even the rating agencies wouldn't approve such wastage of public funds.

p/s Just a simple thought. Wouldn't it be better if the Government or some of its many agencies opted to erect malls around the country where the needy could be assisted into small business/enterprises to sustain themselves?



1 comment:

Esa said...

Don't listen to this minister. A few may be but not everyone.

Maybe this is a ploy by the government to withdraw BR1M. One or two cabinet ministers will make a negative statement. The objective is to end BR1M cos this payout is not sustainable.