Thursday 24 April 2014

Kit Siang survives Semporna and DAP flogs the late Karpal ?

KitSiang  copy

This is DAP's Lim Kit Siang for you. It is always about him and his dynasty.

Barely 8 hours after YB Karpal was killed in a tragic accident in Perak, the DAP leader sent out the above tweet. The tragic death of Karpal was apt for him to glorify his heroic self.

The above testimony of Kit Siang's 'mind' was glaring but never in my wildest dream did I anticipate the Democratic Action Party of which the late Karpal was a loyal servant for decades to embark on something cheaper.

The DAP has organised a series of 'memorial service' to be held like a roadshow going around the country with Opposition leaders and anti-government personalities as speakers.

Is this a new method of holding memorial service for the dead? Is this in memory of Karpal the Tiger of Jelutong or is there something more to this?

Why have you lined up politicians, a convicted criminal, Ambiga and other Opposition personalities to speak at these so called series of memorial (roadshow) ?

If you are decent enough, please call upon Malaysians from all races, religion, ethnicity etc to say a prayer for the late Karpal Singh and remember him in their very own way. Don't flog the illustrious lawyer/politician for your political survival. This is so cheap, cheaper than the Semporna survivor Kit Siang.

Worse still, stop using Karpal Singh's death to whip anti-Government sentiments and call it a memorial service.

If you guys have no shame, please remember that others do.


Rest in peace YB Karpal Singh.

p/s This episode reminds me of how DAP flogged the dead Teoh Beng Hock and his family before the last General Elections.

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