Tuesday 22 April 2014

Cabinet reshuffle ?


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak unveiled the above list of Ministers and Deputy Ministers on the 15th of May 2013, almost a year ago.

Selected Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament who contested and won in the 13th GE and a few chosen individuals (Senators) were appointed as Ministers and put together to form the Malaysian Cabinet.

Touted as 'Najib's Cabinet', the line-up of new faces promised hope, both for the rakyat and for BN as a political coalition that was almost slaughtered in the last GE.

Shouldn't the performance of the Cabinet members, who sought to translate the PM's transformation agenda, be now opened for scrutiny since it is almost a year since their appointment?

Where are Ministers report cards? I hope PEMANDU had prepared one for their minister too.

There has been growing calls for the Prime Minister to reshuffle the current Cabinet since some of the current members, both the first-timers and veterans alike, have proven to be incompetent in their role.

Some Ministers are just plain humiliation to a coalition that has been in power for more than five decades. This is an open secret.

We must stop trying to sugar-coat an open secret. The Prime Minister must be empowered to ship out incompetent Ministers before its too late. Non-performing MPs too must be reprimanded.

MPs must be reminded that they are elected to represent the rakyat and not to work towards grooming themselves to be contractors and businessmen/women. This is a real cancer in the system.

Impending changing of guards (MBs and/or CMs) in at least three states has also been the talk of the town. The PM, sources say, could present these changes (both at state and federal levels) in a single package to give a new sense of hope to the rakyat.

Only a better, trustworthy hope will hold us together now at a time when the Opposition are busy peddling in nothing but half truths, hatred and plain lies.

This is not about billion ringgit announcements or handouts like BR1M. This is about going back to basics and serving the people in a manner that could touch their hearts and minds.

Its not about gimmicks and propaganda. It is about cleaning the house of unwanted rubbish and starting afresh.

But is the PM brave enough to wards off the wants and tantrums of the so called war-lords who are hell bent on killing the goose that has been laying the golden egg for more than five decades now?

What do you think the PM should do and who do you think would be the people's choice to be in the Malaysian Cabinet ?

Lets also include the Deputy Ministers in this reshuffle. Those who have been sleeping on their cosy seat must be allowed to do just that, minus the perks and position.

p/s Don't let the Waythamorthy experience stop us from engaging our opponents, but remember not to step any closer to chameleons like Anwar Ibrahim.



helang said...

I would like ministers who are capable to make the ministries under them very efficient. At the moment, most of the ministries are inefficient. They even cannot implement their own SOP. Besides those ministers who showed they could not do their work, I would suggest Khairy Jamaluddin to be dropped from the cabinet. Many people including Tun M camp would support the motion.
I would like PM and his cabinet to focus on their jobs and totally ignore the politicking of PR. Please give priority to the Malay and Other Bumiputra who elected them to the government.

kokok said...

I hope PEMANDU had prepared one for their minister too.?? Who prepared PEMANDU Report CARD? The people wish for Najib retirement. Will their wish come truet?

kakamah said...

Jib, please lah for God's sake retire Shahidan Kassim and Hasan Malik,Nasri Aziz. Consider some young Mps from Pas for Cabinet post.

Cicero said...

jangan buat kabinet tangkap muat hanya untuk puaskan hati orang umno dan bn. perlantikan kabinet bukan habuan tetapi tanggungjawab berat yang tidak mungkin digalas mereka yang cetek pemikiran dan tertumpu hanya kppd wang ringgit. tolonglah selamatkan negara tercinta ini daripa kehancuran akibat perbuatan kita.

Sayugiadiingati said...

Aku cadangkan PM lantik Rafizi untuk mengganggotai kabinet. Salah seorang 'promising young leader' dalam politik tanah air. Nak tunggu Pakatan jadi kerajaan untuk dia jadi menteri, alamat kucing bertanduk lah jawabnya. Lagipun mamat tu lantang sangat mengkritik. Cuba bagi dia cabinet post tengok bagus ke tak dia buat kerja.

Mohd Apandi Ismail said...

Out Cabinet members are far too old. What is the average age of our Cabinet? 60? 65?
Quite a number of them can't even speak proper English. Hasan Malek, Zahid Hamidi, Palanivel, Rohani, to name a few. It is indeed embarassing.

We need young blood. We have to shed our old system of appointing Cabinet Ministers based of party quotas. Appoint only capable people.

Some of our Ministers are overrated. Like Idris Jala. What has he done? When he was in MAS, he sold off assets to show income. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can do that. And now his successors are having problems in MAS. No asset, no cash, no nothing....

Moonseen said...

Apart from KJ You mean young can speak better English