Saturday 5 April 2014

Move to KLIA2 - PM tells AirAsia

Datuk Seri Najib Razak has finally stood up to remind some recalcitrant bussinesmen and their ilk, who the real boss is.

Najib, as quoted by the NST news alert, has told AirAsia to move to KLIA2 when the current LCCT is closed on the 9th of May, 2014. FULL STOP

You, AirAsia, had no respect for authority and wanted the Prime Minister himself to intervene to sort out your never ending problems. You had no respect for either the Malaysian Airport Holdings Berhad or the Ministry of Transport because you demanded none other than the PM to solve your problem.

AirAsia  copyNow that the PM has spoken and reiterated the MAHB and Ministry of Transport's decision, stop being a recalcitrant and learn to follow orders.

There can't be two sets of rules every time you are in the room, even if you are accompanied by the top man's brother.

We take note that one of your staff did do this (screen capture below). I think many of us could guess where the badly brought up guy could have sucked in his motivation from.











tony copy



BTW Tony Fernandes, I did ask you this question yesterday.

airasia1 copy

Was it a smear campaign or is this how your cheap airlines markets itself ?

It is very unlike you to be silent Tony. Say something so that the people could judge you and your cheap airlines.

Actually... 'Everybody can judge now'


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